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Jerry Cans & Funnels

Jerry Cans and Temporary Fuel Storage

Jerry cans are used for the safe storage of fuel. We have 5, 10 and 20 litre capacity cans. These are available in all three colour coded fuel storage colours; green for unleaded petrol, red for lead replacement petrol (LRP) and black for diesel. At ESE Direct we supply both plastic and steel jerry cans. These petrol cans are designed to be highly mobile, as they are meant to be used to transport fuel to vehicles in need of a top-up.

Fuel Funnels

A funnel can be used in conjunction with a fuel can to safely pour the fuel out of the can. Pick from our Sealey measuring jugs, Sealey funnels or the Sealey pouring spouts designed specifically for the jerry cans we offer. The addition of a funnel or pouring spout helps create a fast flow of fuel without the risk of spillage. Although meant for vehicle fuel such as petrol or diesel, a filler funnel can be used for any liquid, such as diesel heating oil where there is a need to neatly decant it into another tank or container.