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Traffic Barriers

Car Park Barriers

If you need to protect a parking area then our car park barriers should do the job. Choose from a range of products from height restriction barriers to manually operated swing barriers and automatic traffic control barriers. Choose the appropriate size for your needs.

Parking Posts

Our parking posts are great for stopping unauthorised parking in private car parks, protecting property from damage and more.

Parking Stops and Chocks

Parking stops are commonly found in private and public parking areas designed to alert drivers as to where the parking spaces end. Also within this section are our rubber wheel chocks, these chocks help lock wheels in place prevent roll back on uneven surfaces and raised platforms.

Plastic Temporary Barriers

We have an exceptional range of temporary expanding barriers. These barriers can be used to identify and alert hazards and cordoned off areas to staff.

Traffic Cones & Barriers

Choose from a good selection of traffic cones. Our selection of roadworks barriers and cones include those that are Chapter 8 compliant and suitable for use on the public highway. There are also traffic-cone-style coloured cones ideal for identifying hazards in dark and dull conditions on private land, perfect for your sports day event. If you wish to stock up on traffic cones our pallet of road cones offers great value.

Wheel Clamps

Our wheel clamps are fully lockable and cover most of the wheel nuts, they are also supplied with two keys.