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Drum Bunds & Drip Trays

Chemical Bunds

These drum storage bunds and sumps provide secondary containment allowing oil drums to be stored safely, preventing and containing spills and accidents. Our plastic sump pallets keep drums off the ground and allow them to be moved easily. By storing oil drums within one of our spill containment units any oil that is leaked is safely captured. In addition to the storage of oil these systems are also used for the storage of barrels containing other substances such as chemical and fuel products. Storage pallets provide secondary containment for drums and barrels, catching any leaked hazardous substances such as oil, chemicals or fuel.

Our bunded drum carrier trolleys allow a single drum to be securely moved with ease. When full oil drums may be too heavy to move without the use of a carrier truck or trolley.

Oil Storage Regulations

Our oil storage products conform to the control of pollution (oil storage) 2001 regulation by DEFRA. These regulations state that oil drums must be stored within a container that is at least 110% of the volume of the container (drum) holding the oil. Or where there are multiple containers they must not be less than 110% of the largest container’s storage capacity or 25% of their aggregate storage capacity, whichever is the greater.