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Stair Climbing Trolleys

Make light work of steps and stairs with a stair truck

Navigating steps and stairs can be tricky at the best of times. And when it comes to moving heavy and cumbersome items up and down it enters a whole other dimension.

Carrying things manually upstairs can be fraught with hazards. Not only does it present a health and safety issue, especially if you are employed to do so, but manual lifting can cause unwanted aches and pains if not done properly or continued for prolonged periods.

So how do you solve the problem of getting things from the bottom to the top of staircases and back again? The answer - a good quality stair climbing trolley. There's no need to risk injuring your back by lifting unnecessarily large loads unaided when there's such a wide range of trolleys at your disposal.

What's the difference between a stair truck and standard sack truck?

Trolleys designed especially for moving items up and down steps look much like a standard sack truck, but with an extra couple of sets of wheels.

Stair trucks are built with six wheels per truck. The wheels are placed in a star-shape pattern which allows your trolley to keep contact with each step as you go. Keeping contact with the ground helps avoid those lumps and bumps down steps which can occur with a traditional sack truck.

Stair trolleys generally have a larger base plate than an average truck which offers better security of your goods in transit. Many base plates fold up and away when not in use. This is great as it means they don't take up so much vital storage space when not in use.

The majority of stair trucks are designed with loop handles as they are intended to be pulled up stairs rather than pushed. So it may feel like you're walking backwards when ascending upstairs, that's because you are! Once you are at the summit, you can simply glide your truck back down to earth again ready for the next load.

Along with the revolutionary spider wheels, stair skids are incorporated into the design. The skids are extra rails which act a bit like a sledge. They prevent the truck from getting caught on the nosing of stairs, steps and carpet.

A lot of trucks also include wheel protection plates. The plates are usually rectangular and protrude out from the main frame of the truck. They help to protect your goods from getting caught on, or dirty from the solid rubber wheels. Speaking of protection, whilst handling heavy goods it's recommended that your wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment such as boots with steel toe caps and gloves.

If you've moved house, you'll know just how invaluable a stair climber can be. Whether it's to move a bedside cabinet or heavy boxes full of books and memorabilia, a stair truck is ideal. They can also be used in the same manner as a traditional sack truck and work well travelling across uneven surfaces. They're actually a sensible choice for transportation across rocky terrains as the continuous contact with the ground of the three-star wheels provides an impressively consistent, stable and balanced ride.

It's important to bear in mind the weight of loads you will be carrying as the load capacity of stair climber sack trucks varies. Always opt for something a bit stronger than you think you'll need, just to be safe. Choosing a truck with a higher load capacity will also mean you're less likely to need to upgrade your truck in the future.

It makes sense to select your stair climbing sack trucks based on your needs. So for light-duty tasks go for a lighter weight, light duty truck with a lesser load capacity. For heavy duty tasks such as moving fridges, freezers and washing machines opt for a heavy-duty truck. Using a truck most closely suited to your needs will help you move loads most efficiently with ease.

If you need some assistance selecting a stair trolley help is at hand. All you need to do is give one of our technical sales consultants a call on 0808 258 2124 and they'll be happy to advise you and help your make an informed decision.

You may have already been checking out some of our stair climbers but have a few questions, it would be useful to have the product code to hand, pass it to one of our team and they'll check it out for you.

Customer reviews for some of these stair trucks include comments like "product to be used on site for ease of moving equipment around", "it helped me very much" and "The stair-climber is perfect for those who need to transport items up and down stairs". So you can be assured investing in a stair trolley is a really great idea!