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Stair Climbing Trolleys

Stairclimber Trucks

Stair Climbing Trolleys are ideal For conveying loads up or down stairs or steps to deliver your goods above or below ground level. We have a comprehensive range stairclimber trucks / trolleys some of which include skids to provide a stable flat platform if you need to lay the barrow down with the items on it (they also help to prevent the stairclimber from getting caught on the stair nosings if you have it leant to far backwards), we also have folding toe trucks if you need to store them more compactly. Our 180kg capacity steel stairclimber, is manufactured of sturdy welded tubular steel and the two three-armed wheel spiders are each equipped with solid rubber tyre wheels to make moving easy. Or if you need lightweight handling, take a look at our excellent aluminium stairclimber hand truck. Its strong braced aluminium tube frame and aluminium toe plate will lift 150kg yet it is also very light when unladen.

These trolleys have largely the same upright frame of a regular sack truck with a set of 3 wheels mounted on each side specifically designed to move goods up and down steps or staircases. It is not a common known fact but the stairclimber trolleys are also popular for use when not going up steps because two of the theree wheels on each side are in contact with the ground, giving you a more stable and easy to balance load than the standard sack truck. Don't risk your back carrying loads up or down steps – let out stair climbing trucks safely take the strain instead.