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Notice Boards

Get noticed with a notice board from ESE Direct.

If you're looking for a clean and fresh way of displaying vital information, posters and procedures a professional quality notice board is an essential item for your workplace.

Placing loose pieces of paper directly on to a wall can not only look untidy, but can easily get damaged or removed by passers by. And depending on the method used to mount a document, it can mark and damage the wall too.

So, to create a pleasing and effective way of displaying important literature choose from a wide range of noticeboards at ESE Direct.

A well positioned display board in a public place can be an extremely effective way of publicising an event to a large quantity of people. There are poster boards designed specifically for use outdoors.

Boards located outside will of course be under attack by mother nature. But this is taken care of thanks to the outer casings which conform to EN60529. That's the standard which ensures a product has resistance against water and dirt.

There's no worry about the frame being damaged by wind either as the frame and perspex covers are secured with a keyed lock.

For a portable display board that can be placed on a pavement outside your business you could select one our A-Boards. You'll often see these outside newsagents displaying the latest news headlines.

Internal notice boards including snap frames are ideal for such a wide range of businesses.

Perhaps you are looking to display rotas for staff in the hospitality industry, or simply looking to ensure nobody misses your health and safety posters on an office partition. For a rather more permanent feature, such as health and safety legislation, which must be displayed at all times, a snap frame is a great idea. They simply snap close over a document and their anti-glare covers hold the document in place and ensure they remain in good condition.

There are several types of material which can be used as a backing on a memo board. Some of our most popular are the fabric notice boards which have a felt backing. These are great for use with drawing pins and staples.

Available in a range of colours too, felt covered fabric noticeboards can be selected to match your decor and business branding.

Fabric memo boards are also available with perspex covers which are hinged like a door to allow you to easily change the items on your board. The doors also prevent your documents being tampered with.

Loop nylon fabric boards are the best choice if you'd like to use Velcro to affix your documents. As with felt fabric boards you can choose from a range of colours to suit your mood.

Folding display boards provide a versatile display system at trade shows and exhibitions.

Larger sized boards can be supplied with modular panels with individual doors which can be lockable if required. A benefit of panel displays is that they neatly separate literature making it easy to see what you're looking for within a large display.

Two or three part boards can also be used for tabletop displays. Their modular nature means that they can be slightly folded which allows them stand up without support.

Tabletop displays are a good alternative to panel and pole displays which are lightweight but can be easily knocked. Pull-up banners as they are also referred, are without the benefit of being able to change the contents of your display.

You'll notice these within exhibition areas and venue entrances, and they're quick to erect, dismantle and travel well too thanks to the handy carry bag. But for a high quality, sturdy display stand opt for a table top display panel.

For the eco-conscious among us, you might like to consider an Eco-Colour board. They're made from recycled materials and suitable for use in public places as they meet building regulations for fire resistance.

Notice boards without frames such as these, are ideal if you're looking to create large runs of display panels. Their lack of frame means that they can be mounted directly next to one another. This creates a lovely streamline look, and with a wide range of colours to choose from you can let your creative juices flow in terms of design. Why not use them to form an exhibition of artwork along a school or college corridor?

You could even purchase a long thin board that you could use in an entrance as a header board up high. Although you probably wouldn't want to be rearranging the content too often unless your staff have a head for heights.

If you're in need of a noticeboard in a hurry, elect an Express notice board which are available with a 1-3 day delivery service. For large orders do give our sales team a call on 0808 163 3806 for a bespoke quotation.