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Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks are designed to quickly and efficiently move pallets of goods with ease. Pallet trucks (also known as pump trucks or pallet jacks) are commonly used in warehouses and are an invaluable tool for anyone working in a distribution environment. At ESE Direct we supply a wide range of versatile manual handling equipment, with battery-powered and electric pallet trucks also available. Choose light or heavy-duty pump trucks for all your pallet lifting and moving tasks.

Pallet Jacks & Pump Trucks

We have an extensive range of hand pallet trucks, also referred to as pump trucks or pallet jacks. They have been designed to cover a vast number of possible applications. With load capacities ranging from 1000kg right up to 5000kg.

These pallet trucks will enable employees to move heavy pallets and machinery whenever necessary. The majority of the range features the traditional design, with two central rear wheels located at the base of the handle. In addition, there are two rollers positioned towards the end of the forks. For example, our Warrior Hand Pallet Truck features a 3-position trigger handle and conforms to BS EN1757-1:2001.

The other available design is a unique High Lift Pallet Truck. This pallet truck makes use of all the positives associated with the traditional design. It also features extended outriggers which locks the truck to the floor providing additional stability at higher heights, as well as an automatic brake which kicks into effect whenever the forks are raised above 300mm.

Our range offers high quality pallet lifting machinery with the ability to shift loads weighing over 2000 kg. For moving palletised stock around a warehouse, there is nothing to beat an easy to manoeuvre pallet truck.

Among the features offered in pallet trucks is the quick lift functionality. This enables the pallet jack to reach full lifting height in only a few pumps of the handle. These hand operated pump trucks are a much cheaper alternative to the more expensive electric pallet truck.

For extra lifting power, you can check out our range of stacker trucks, which includes an electric stacker truck. If you need to move pallets up to a working height, you may also want to consider a scissor lift table as an alternative to these steel trucks.

Moving pallets can be important for several reasons. You may be unloading goods from a lorry or positioning stock. It may also be important to move goods to a weighing scale in order to check delivery costs. Whatever the need, a hand pallet truck can be essential to get pallets where they need to be.

If you need to work within a hygienic environment, you could look at our stainless steel model. These are great for areas where you might encounter an acidic substance.