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Warehouse Equipment

Workshop Chairs and Stools

We have a good range of industrial seating, ranging from basic polypropylene swivel chairs (with and without castors) to ergonomic industrial moulded seating, posture stools and even low level mechanics seats to make moving around a vehicle nice and easy, they also have tool trays so your equipment moves with you. If you have a specific need for industrial chairs or stools that we do not show here please contact us and ask our friendly team to find one for you.

PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains are a really cost effective way to keep reduce heat loss in warehouses, factories and industrial units when the loading doors are open. The polar grade versions can also be used in coldroom doorways as well as industrial fridges and freezers to act as a barrier to keep the cold in and heat out, as polar grade pvc strip remains more flexible at lower temperatures. There is also an added benefit of using PVC strip curtains in industrial doorways in that they also help to deter vermin, birds and other animals from coming in as the PVC strip is usually to hard for them to push through (but very easy for people or vehicles to get through). They are also available as sliding strip curtains, fixed loop or remote controlled automatic opening pvc curtains on request.

Tools & Accessories

In addition to industrial tools & accessories this section covers everything from bottle jacks to lift heavy items off the ground or help move machinery etc, to industrial fans and heaters up to 30kw of power (please note some require the use of a 16a round plug and you must have this type of equipment to use them, a 13a standard socket is not sufficient and will cause problems). We're also able to offer very competitively priced tool storage boxes, chests and bags, along with full kits containing the drawer cabinets and the tools. Plus of course the welding curtains to shield passers-by from the glare of the welding or cutting torches and spark proof welding blankets designed to shield valuable items or tools from spark damage.