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Keep your workplace warm and toasty when the temperature drops with a portable heater. There are industrial fan heaters in a range of sizes, ideal for your warehouse and workshop. Along with cost-effective convector heaters and oil-filled radiators suitable for smaller spaces such as offices or in the home. Stay warm this winter and choose a heater from ESE Direct.

Industrial Heating Equipment

Our wide range of heaters and electric fan heater radiators are designed for use in multiple environments. Our industrial electric fan heaters are ideal for use in warehouses, on building sites and in workshops, we have 6 available sizes of heavy duty industrial fan heaters. Our smallest heater is a 2kW model with 1 heat setting as well as a fan only option, its lightweight yet sturdy design is suitable for use in smaller workshops with less of an area to heat. While our largest model is our 30kW heater this mammoth heater comes with 3 heat settings, a fan only option and produces a totally dry heat meaning no condensation, no gases, no fumes and no smells.

For lighter applications our cost effective heaters are more than suitable. Each model is supplied with a thermostat allowing the operator to adjust the temperature when needed, these units all have three heat settings of 750W, 1250W and 2000W. Additional options are available including a turbo fan feature which boosts the heaters output to accelerate heating & a built in timer feature so the operator can pre-set the time and duration that these heaters are active.

We also have a small range of mobile electric oil filled radiators with a traditional appearance ideal for offices and many domestic uses.