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Spill Kits

Make sure you're ready for any unexpected situation with our extensive range of spill response kits. When it comes to handling spillages, time is of the essence, and safety is paramount. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of equipment and spill kits designed to help you efficiently and securely manage leaks and spills, no matter your working environment. In addition, many of our emergency spill kits offer the option to purchase refill kits, ensuring that your spill management equipment remains well-stocked and ready for immediate use when spills occur. Explore our Spill Kit range in full and effectively manage your workplace safety and cleaning today. Alternatively, contact our product experts on 0808 258 2547 who will help you find the right solution for your business.

Emergency Spill Control Products and kits

Spillages need to be contained and cleaned up as quickly and safely as possible. We have the equipment to allow you to do just that. Our spill trolleys, retainers, safety containers and kits will provide you with what you need to contain leaks and spills.

Our spill absorbent materials come in three types for absorbing many different types of spills:

  • General Purpose absorbents (for water, coolants etc)
  • Oil and Fuel absorbents
  • Chemical absorbents

Many of our emergency spill kits have the option of being able to purchase refill kits. This enables you to cost effectively keep your spill kits stocked up. This means they are ready for use for when a spillage may occur.

Our kits contain a range of absorbents products, many of which can also be brought separately. The different types of absorbent materials include pads, rolls, socks, drum covers and cushions. Spillage kits should be kept anywhere where significant quantities of hazardous liquids are used. This includes in warehouses, factories, tankers, oil and fuel storage and on farms.

Even for simple spills; there is a need to be able to contain the liquid and stop it spreading. In order to do this, our spillage kits contain both absorbents and drip trays. This means unwanted liquids can be absorbed and the leak prevented from getting worse. The drip trays can then be placed under any items that have a leak, preventing unwanted contamination into drains or water.

In emergency situations is is vital to be able to react quickly. These spill kits are small enough that they can be stored in various locations around a site. This means, that when the need arises, you will never be too far from the correct equipment to contain a spill.

If you routinely deal with hazardous substances such as acids, you will need a chemical spill kit. These contain special elements designed for the absorption and control of a variety of chemicals. Similarly, for industries that use a lot of fuels or oils, these are appropriate packages for these too.

What size kit will I need?

The size of spill kit you need will depend on the size of your work area and the amount of liquid you deal with. A single user in a small garage will only require one of our basic pad and drip tray products, capable of dealing with leaks from a single vehicle. If you deal with fleets of vehicles and large volumes of liquid, you should be looking at the large plant kits, in order to have enough product to deal with the potential incident.

More specialist kits include the battery acid spill kit, this come with extra equipment such as gloves and acid neutraliser . This helps to combat the corrosive nature of battery contents, which can be dangerous if not dealt with properly.

For people on the road, our travel kits are great to have in the cab of a lorry. This means that if a spill incident happens whilst out on a delivery, the materials are available on hand to contain the spill quickly.

The main difference between the sizes of spill kit is the container you get with them. The smaller kits only comprise the pads and a tray, sometimes together in a bag. As the size increases, so you start to get storage bins included, this keeps all the elements together and creates a visual cue as to the location of the kits. Once you get to the very largest of spill control solutions, you get large yellow wheelie bins and significant amounts of absorption pads.

How do they work?

The kits also contain two types of absorbents; booms and pads. Pads act like clothes you use at home, they can be laid on top of liquid and used to mop it up so it can be disposed of. A boom, on the other hand is like a thick sausage of material that creates a barrier to large amounts of liquid spreading further. Dealing with a spill can often be a case of stopping the spread with a boom, then sucking up the liquid with the pads.

Spill kits traditionally rely on a range of single use plastic products, however, the EVO range contains elements made from recycled material to lesson the environmental impact.

What do I do after a spill?

Once a spill has occurred, it needs to be contained and collected up. After this, it is vital that the items used to absorb the liquid are properly disposed of. How best to do this will depend on the type of spill you have cleaned up. Sometimes the spill pads will need to be send to landfill, other times they will need to be incinerated. It is always worth checking with the relevant authorities before disposal.

Following any spill, there will be the need to refill your kits pending the next emergency. As well as replacement kits, we sell absorbent pads and boom separately, meaning that refilling can be done in a cost effective way.