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Heaters and Air Coolers

Set your working environment to an optimum temperature with effective heating and cooling equipment

Residing in an ambient temperature not only makes you feel nice, but helps to increase productivity and improve the happiness of workers.

Damp environments are bad for your health. They can also smell bad and those little mouldy patches look mighty unpleasant, that's where a dehumidifier will help.

Heaters do just that, heat. Industrial heaters are designed for warming up larger spaces, they will often come with a 3-phase 5 pin plug. This means you can't plug them into an ordinary 13amp plug socket so watch out for that.

Industrial fans are the office fan's bigger brother. Bigger in stature and bigger in breeze, these big boys can create a draught! Due to their powerful nature, they can create quite a sound, so it's worth bearing in mind that that they are best suited to working environments such as gyms, warehouses and factories. Fans for your office or bedroom often tend to be smaller and quieter and will come with adjustable fan speeds.

If you're struggling with the quality of the air in a room it may be worth investing in an air cooler, purifier or air conditioning unit. There are even air purifiers specifically designed and safe for use in medical environments which will not only cool but remove airborne germs and bacteria.