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Lockout Tagout

Make safety on site your number one priority with these safety lockout tagout kits. Designed to alert all users as to the status of equipment. We supply lockout stations and individual lockout padlocks along with specific lockouts for ball valves and gate valves. There's even electric panel lockouts and a wide range of do not operate lockout tags - everything you need to maintain equipment in a safe and organised manner.

Our safety lockout devices help prevent accidental opening of doors, locks, valves and more. Available in a number of different designs you should find one similar to what you are looking for. Our Master lockout Padlocks are durable, lightweight and have a zenex lock body. Available in a choice of colours these padlocks are key retaining to make sure that no padlock is left unlocked.

From vinyl coated and non-conductive lockout hasps to universal circuit breakers and group lock boxes you should be able to find what you are looking for, but if you can't, please give us a call. In addition to the lockout products mentioned above we've also introduced two handy lockout kits, these kits contain a selection of widely used items from a frame boards to gate valve lockouts and more. Each kit is also supplied with a handy lockout tagout bag allowing the kits contents to be kept together at all times.

The range of safety tags covers ladders, racking, forklifts and scaffolding. The tags are pre-printed with a prohibition message so in the event that the equipment is not fit for purpose the inserts used to record inspections and faults can be removed to clearly alert other employees that they mustn't use this equipment. Kits available individually or in larger box quantities as well as replacement inserts are available.