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Forklift Cages

Safety Forklift Cages

These access platforms attach to a forklift to provide a safe platform for personnel working at height. Cages for forklifts are a simple method of creating a permanent or temporary mobile access platform. Platforms attach securely and safely to a forklift truck, without the risk of the forks sliding. Our platforms conform to PM28 - HSE's safety regulation for non-attached working platforms for forklift trucks.

A platform attachment is more than adequate for most tasks with a 400kg capacity, for up to two persons and tools. With the railing around the edge of the platform a secure platform is formed, thus being the reason why these are often described as a safety basket or forklift cages. For a platform that can be stored easier when not in use the folding access platform is an ideal option as it is not only more compact when stored but also assembles swiftly for use when required.