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Chemical and oil absorbent pads, spill socks and land booms

Our range of absorbents for spills are just great for sucking up a whole range of accidental spills and leaks. From the most basic pads to large booms, we have numerous pack sizes to keep you supplied and prepared for any accidental spillage.

Often used as part of a spill kit, these handing products will stop leaks spreading and act as a barrier to chemicals or oil, preventing spills getting out of control of leaking into water drainage. The square pads we sell are also often required to sit in sumps at the base of hazardous storage cabinets, in order to soak up spills or leaks caused when containers or bottles are in storage.

Once any amount of liquid has been spilled, it is vital to act quickly, whether it is a chemical spill or an oil only spill. The products on this page will not only absorb aggressive chemicals, but also all manner of fuels and liquids. The type of spills you need to deal with will alter the format of the product, there are absorbent rolls, where sheets can be detached from a continuous run, sheets where each individual pad can be used one at a time, or absorbent booms, which act like barriers to suck up and block the path of spilled liquids.

Our range of chemical absorbent materials also include cleaning rags, and our absorbent oil products include granules which can be poured on to spills and quickly act to prevent it spreading.

Keep a look out for our EVO range, which features pads and booms made from recycled fibres, reducing the reliance on single use plastic.