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Trucks & Trolleys

Heavy Duty Trolleys

We supply trolleys to act as transport solutions to suit most applications including office, cleaning, warehouse, cash and carry, hygienic kitchen and workshop trolleys.

Our best sellers are roll cages, roll containers and wire pallet cages as they are sometimes called, but don't get confused by the two as pallet cages are not mounted on wheels. The heavy-duty trolley range is available with solid or mesh sides and low platforms to make loading heavy items easier.

The medium-duty trolleys include mailroom post trolleys, shelf or tray trolleys, office trolleys and container trolleys to store or move liquids, loose powders or items with packaging susceptible to splitting.

If you need trolleys that are compact and easy to store you may be interested in our folding trolleys which are available in a large range of different sizes, capacities and materials, including plastic folding trolleys, box carts, aluminium, stainless steel, wire, zinc or galvanised finish and some even have extending bases. For easy storage, they will of course fold down and fit in a cupboard when not in use.

Wheeled Trucks

We supply industrial quality balanced trucks, platform trucks, pallet trucks and pallet stackers in many different sizes and capacities which are ideal for use in warehouses, workshops, factories, retail stores back of house applications and cash and carry or trade counters.

Our warehouse trucks and retail trucks are available in painted or galvanised wire finish, or with wood platforms and sides, or as plastic based trucks with metal handles.

We also sell drum trucks, stands and gas cylinder trucks to make moving of heavy drums, bottles easy and safe to move around.

Industrial Sack Trucks

We have hundreds of sack trucks and barrows available to help you get the job done, they are heavy duty and suited to heavy loads.

Whether you need compact folding sack trucks to store in small spaces when not in use (like the back of your van or car), stair climber trucks designed to help you get awkward or heavy loads upstairs (they have 3 sets of wheels in a triangle that rotate up each step), or appliance trucks often known as a fridge trolley, with flat extra wide footplates and frames to reduce the risk of white goods or heavy loads falling off the trolley to multi-purpose trucks and barrows which can change from a sack truck to a platform trolley, or to an inclined truck to enable you to move virtually anything.

With so many varieties of sack trucks and barrows available we are confident you will be able to find the perfect sack truck at the right price to suit your needs.