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Steel Banding

Strong steel banding & strapping for your workplace

Are you looking for a super-strong heavy-duty solution to packing your large, weighty and valuable items? This range of steel banding, tools and equipment is ideal.

When packaging products for distribution it's essential that you have the best tools and equipment for the job. Steel banding is most commonly used to attach large items onto pallets. This keeps your goods safe and secure for loading, using a pallet truck, from your warehouse to vehicles for onward travel.

Steel strapping comes in a selection of widths. 19mm reels of steel banding are the most popular. With 13mm wide and 16mm wide strap also available. The reels average a length of 320 metres.

Metal strapping tools and accessories

Steel banding is strong and reliable, but you will need some specially designed tools in order to cut, connect and seal it effectively.

Thankfully, metal banding tools are available here too! So, to begin you'll need a cutter. This will enable you to select the optimum length of banding for the item you're looking to package.

Safety cutters, or shears as they are also known are manufactured with protective rubber pads. These pads help to prevent steel banding from springing back at you as the band is cut. A ricochet of steel band in the face is highly-discouraged!

Tightening steel banding by hand is near on impossible. That's where a banding tensioning tool is and essential bit of kit. They're easy to use and suitable for tightening metal strapping up to 19mm wide.

Once tensioned, you need to seal your banding. There are a couple of options to seal steel banding. It can be done either using a sealless combination tool, or with metal seals.

Metal seals for banding are available in two main types. Lap over metal seals are ideal for making sure your banding is secured at it's optimum tension. When using lap over seals you'll need to use your crimping tool to essentially, squash the seal and secure it in place. Snap-on seals are another option, and also need to be used alongside a steel banding crimping tool.

If you intend to use metal banding as a solution for permanently holding an item in place. A sign on a post for instance it could be worth considering using stainless steel banding.

Stainless steel products are designed for use in harsh environments. They are the equivalent of a hardy shrub in the border in your garden. Designed to withstand the elements and stand the test of time.

Many of the banding tools and accessories are available within 3 working days. With slightly longer delivery times on the banding kits, trolleys and reels, they're just so popular they go out the door quicker than we get them in!

For lighter-duty applications polypropylene strapping, or plastic strapping, which is much easier to say, is a great alternative.