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Key Cabinets

Lockable key cabinets

Any building with multiple locks or different configurations will require multiple keys. Our security key safes range in capacity from 20 to 600 keys. They can be purchased in economy slimline design for individual keys or extra depth design for bunches.

We also supply heavy duty cabinets, made from strong steel casing and equipped with a robust cylinder lock. The removable control index makes unauthorised key location and identification impossible.

For maximum security, our high security key cabinets are well-nigh impregnable. Constructed of 3mm thick steel plate with a hefty 6mm thick steel door and an eight lever double bitted key lock. Designed to be recessed into the wall, these cabinets meet the highest level of key security.

In addition we also supply wall-mounted combination key storage units, a range of padlock storage cabinets and red emergency key cabinets. When storing a large number of keys it is easy to forgot what each key is for, to make it easier we supply a range of key fobs.

There are several different types of key boxes, all with different capacities and applications. The capacity of a key safe is governed by the amount of key hooks and the depth. A deeper cabinet will allow larger bunches of keys to hand on each hook.

Different models have different ways of keeping you keys safe. Some cabinets act as a security safe for your keys and are protected by combination locks. Another option is a digit lock which uses a push button system to gain access.

If you need to keep a key near to a location for multiple people to use, then a key lock box is a good idea. For example, a spare key for a holiday home could be been in a safety box and be accessible to anyone who know the combination.

These key cabinets are also very popular in car dealerships, where the keys for a large number of vehicles need to be stored. The locks on theses key cupboards would keep unwanted access to the contents to a minimum.

Another popular location for these key cupboards is on housing development sites. Popular in marketing suites, they allow the keys to various show homes to be clearly labelled and ready to be used by prospective buyers.