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Vertical Racking

Vertical storage rack systems for your business

Are you struggling to store items of considerable length? Need to update your warehouse with a more streamlined, organised storage system? Then our industrial vertical storage rack could be just the job.

Vertical storage racking does what it says on the tin.

Unsurprisingly, you can use it to store long things such as pipes, lengths of timber, sheet material and other lengthy items. Storage in the upright position keeps the items safe yet easily accessible. This type of vertical racking is an ideal storage solution for hand picked items.

Available in a variety of heights, our racking comes in a single sided or double side format. Standard vertical racks are ideal for self service areas such as retail or trade outlets. You may well have spotted them in your local DIY store. They often provide residence for internal and external doors, sheets of plasterboard, lengths of skirting board or drainpipes.

The highly visible orange dividing arms are adjustable horizontally. The section dividing arms can be easily adjusted without the use of tools. The versatility of the racking makes it really useful for a wide range of storage needs.

If you're after something with a little more subtly, then the grey and blue heavy duty racking with dividing hoops could be the best choice for you. These hoops can also be quickly and easily moved horizontally to create bays at your desired width.

Manufactured from strong steel, the racking provides a really heavy-duty solution. It is modular in design, which allows for the addition of extension bays when required. You can create a fantastic vertical racking system by mounting a long run along a wall. Single-sided racks create effective storage along a wall and make great use of space in warehouse environments.

Central aisle industrial racking

If you're looking to create a shelving system in the centre of an area, double-sided racks work really well. Their double-sided design means they don't rely on a wall for stability.

Another great feature of this type of racking is access. Access to products can be gained from either side. It's also easy to see what is where thanks the minimal design. Which is of great benefit in vast warehouses where racking aisles can all look rather similar.

So, why should you choose vertical racking rather than longspan shelving?

Well, as with all storage solutions it generally comes down to the type of product that you're looking to store.

Longspan shelving and racking is a fantastic choice for many situations, but the one thing it isn't as effective for, is looking after long items. Strength is not an issue as steel shelves can be included.

But, the big risk when storing long items vertically is that when retrieving an item it's very easy to accidentally dislodge a second (or a third!) item. This is particularly dodgy when cylindrical items like scaffold poles are involved. Once those bad boys go rolling, there's no stopping 'em. It's also much more difficult to extract from the rack and handle long items from a horizontal position.

So, vertical heavy duty shelving is by far the safer way to go. It's incredibly important when selecting a shelving unit to consider health and safety. Flat or chunky lengthy items, or products already boxed can be safely stored on longspan shelving but loose items are much more at home housed in some vertical racking.

Vertical racks, sometimes referred to as sheet racks are built up from one starter bay, be it single-sided or double-sided. They can then be lengthened using extension bays (they're the ones with only one upright section). The frames are pre drilled with holes. And with all fixings are supplied you'll be connecting your sections together and constructing your racking in no time.

Make fixing your racking to the floor the essential final step to the ultimate in vertical storage

To ensure that your new storage system complies with Health and Safety legislation, and to make certain your staff and visitors are within a safe environment, racking must be fixed to the floor. Floor fixings are supplied.

Before taking the plunge though, it's worth checking the type of flooring you're fixing to. Many warehouse floors are a concrete construction, which is perfect. Other materials may not be strong enough to provide a suitably stable base. So, once again just double-check with us before you get started.

For safe, secure storage of long metal, aluminium, copper or plastic pipes and large pieces of timber, vertical racking is an ideal alternative to other pallet racking systems.

It's worth bearing in mind, if you're about to embark on a large scale vertical storage installation, that we can provide that service for you.

If you're still a bit baffled as to how to put your racking ideas into practice, please do give us a call on 0808 274 8997 and our technical experts will be more than happy to help.