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Convex Security Mirrors

Convex mirrors are perfect for increased visibility in shops and warehouses and as traffic mirrors for enhanced safety at concealed driveways and tight corners. Our popular range of security mirrors can be fitted to walls, ceilings or as suspended fittings for the ultimate birdseye view. Available in a range of sizes to suit a wide range of applications. Get a clear view and shop convex mirrors at ESE Direct.

Convex Security Mirrors for Workplaces

These convex mirrors are used indoors in offices, shops, libraries, schools and warehouse. They are also used outdoors as traffic mirrors at concealed driveways and yards. They are used to enable greater vision of blind spots to prevent accidents and make concealed areas safer. These mirrors are often vital to eliminate blind spots and greatly improve driveway safety. The way the surface is curved outwards helps to maximise the amount you can see in them. This works with the excellent optical quality that these mirrors provide.

Commonly used indoors for surveillance as a security mirror to watch customers in retail shops and stores. A dome hemispherical mirror can be used as quarter hemispherical, half hemispherical or full hemispherical mirror. These are able to provide greater all round vision than a flat round mirror. The full hemispherical model mounts on the ceiling. This gives visual access to every angle of the room and works as an effective observation mirror. Convex mirrors are a cost effective security aid and as they are highly visible. Otherwise known as surveillance mirrors, they also act an anti-theft deterrent in shops to reduce the risk of shoplifting.

For an industrial strength convex mirror choose one of our polycarbonate mirrors, they are extremely strong and virtually unbreakable. These are much heavier duty than our acrylic mirrors, however acrylic mirrors provide superior optical image quality. The mirrors are commonly used as a safety mirror near concealed entrance driveways, car parks, lorry yards and building entrances. Exterior convex mirrors provide added safety for traffic exiting and entering the driveway. Our external mirrors are designed to withstand all weather conditions with a polycarbonate mirror with GRP or polypropylene frame.

Mirrors improve the security of public areas by reducing the corners where people or hazards can be hidden. When attached to a wall with a fixing bracket they can be positioned to eliminate blind spots.You'll often see blind spot mirrors placed on fences or posts at the end of driveways which lead out onto country lanes. These improve the field of view when pulling your vehicle out on to a busy road.

When used as a traffic mirror, road safety is improved. This is good for high risk areas such as entrances and sharp corners. Highly polished mirrors will provide a clear image, which improves visibility.

Most of our adjustable wall mounted mirrors come with a mounting bracket. This allows positioning of the item in the right place to be most effective in removing blind spots.

The term convex refers to the shape of the mirror. It means that it curves outwards like the back of a spoon. Due to this shape it is able to increase what is seen versus a flat surface mirror. Whether indoor or outdoors, as safety security mirror will help staff and visitors keep safe.