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Slings & Hoists

Hoists and cranes provide easy lifting and moving of heavy items in many industrial environments in workshops, factories and warehouse. Available in a range of lifting capacities up to 3000kg, even very heavy items can be lifted. Our single or double cable 230V Power Hoist can lift up to 400kg, this UK and EU approved lifting gear has an 8 metre lift time per minute and a single cable lift height of 12 metres or a double cable height of 6 metres.

Our premium quality polyester round slings come in four circumference sizes (2m, 3m, 4m and 5m) and, although deceptively soft and pliable, can safely lift up to a maximum of 70 tonnes (check the rating label attached to each colour coded sling first). We also supply a broad range of lifting slings made from polyester webbing. The latter come in two categories – single layer (simplex) or double layer (duplex) and range in length from 2m to 5m. Both simplex and duplex slings have soft reinforced eyes at each end, although metal reevable end fittings are also available. Single and double part wear sleeves are available for all these slings and, where applicable, each has a factor of safety of 7:1.

Bottle jacks are a fantastic tool designed for moving heavy machinery or equipment. Capable of lifting up to 50 tonnes these jacks are suitable for most tasks and have a high tensile aluminium alloy construction as well as a hardened alloy steel saddle, perfect for workshop and other industrial uses.