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Plastic Chain & Posts

Plastic Posts

Plastic posts with bases, spikes or ground sockets and 6mm, 8mm or 10mm plastic chain, all available in several different colours. Ideal for temporary or permanent fencing outdoors on lawns, fields or other spaces.

For use both indoor and outdoor we have a range of colourful, high-visibility free standing plastic posts and chains in a variety of designs. Our posts include the circular water-filled base post (weighing 3kg when full), the non-trip low-profile rubber base post and the decorative post with hollow base for ballasting with sand or water. For heavier duty posts choose our triangular concrete weighted base posts and for lighter duty posts choose our rubber base posts.

Plastic Chains

Our plastic chain comes in 6mm, 8mm gauge plastic. With each pack of chain we'll also supply s-hooks and 10 connector links to match the chain, lightweight, attractive and quick to assemble, these products are just the solution for creating a fence to zone off areas in hospitals, offices, factories, car parks, gardens etc. When purchasing plastic posts and chains the thicker the chain the shorter the recommended distance between posts. The chains are available in a range of colours including white, red, black, green, yellow and dual colour red & white and yellow & black.

For connecting the posts and chains together s-hooks and connector links are supplied with the chain. These are designed to allow users to highlight the presence of chain and post during poor visibility conditions and the rubber connectors can be used to create a double chain barrier should you wish.