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Cube Lockers

Secure valuables in a personal effects locker

If you're looking for somewhere safe and secure to store small items such as keys, handbags, mobile phones and wallets, look no further than our super selection of small lockers.

Bearing in mind, most of us nowadays carry around at least one sort of electronic device, be it a mobile phone, iPad or one of those cool watches that counts your steps, it's increasingly more important that there is sufficient provision for safe storage of these valuable items. That's where individual lockers are ideal.

There is quite a large selection of different types of lockers to choose from. This is actually great as it means you'll find a locker solution suitable for most working environments.

If you want to create a run of lockers, you can bolt individual cube lockers together. And usefully the personal effects lockers come pre-drilled to allow you to do just that. This also makes them more difficult to pick up and walk away with!

Our range of lockers are mostly supplied with grey bodies as standard (although alternative body colours can be supplied on a few of our small lockers). And then you get the option to choose your favourite colour for the locker door. There's of course scope for selecting the colours to match your decor or company branding too.

Get creative with your cube lockers

If you're intending to create blocks of compartment lockers, why not pick a mixture of colours and create a pattern? Another effective use of colour selection is to use them to colour-code, either for male, female separation in changing areas or simply to help people remember which locker is theirs!

Personal lockers for your home

When you need storage at home or even in the office for sensitive items a lockabox would be an ideal choice. Lockaboxes are made from high quality, strong polycarbonate plastic. Their lightweight nature means they can easily be moved if required, but the integral combination lock keeps personal belongings out of reach, even if the locker has been relocated.

Things which may cause harm to others such as medications can be kept in these handy lockable storage boxes. You could use them to keep small items that may be a choking hazard to children and fragile things, to which over-enthusiastic children could present a hazard!

The option of a see-through lockabox is also available. You could use one of these inside a fridge to separate food groups. Why not pop your blue cheese into one to help prevent that 'old sock' odour every time you open the fridge door! And you don't need to worry, they're absolutely perfect for food storage as they are made from BPA food grade materials.

Select a small steel locker for ultimate security

Metal lockers are some of the strongest lockers on the market. They're really hard-wearing and can be used in a huge variety of environments. Stainless steel lockers provide a hygienic storage space for your valuables and are ideally suited to clean environments.

The sleek grey exterior provides a rather upmarket feel. Stainless steel is easy to clean and by it's very nature aids an anti-bacterial environment.

Are you looking for small item lockers for your school or college? If so, it's worth considering investing in some sloping tops. Sloping tops are fitted to the top of your lockers to make it difficult for people to leave empty drinks bottles or text books untidily on top of the lockers. They're also effective from a security point of view, reducing the risk of unwanted packages being hidden above runs of lockers.

Our extended locker range includes clever lockers which will charge your mobile device while you're away. And our marvellous wire mesh lockers are another innovative storage solution that work really well in sports changing areas and office environments.

If you're after larger lockers which give you a bit more room for bigger items, such as clothing and work equipment, you could take a look at our PPE lockers. They are available with alternative sizes so you can mix and match to include a storage solution to suit all your personal protective equipment.

So whatever your storage locker persuasion, you'll not beat the super selection here at ESE Direct. For further information on small or cube lockers do give us a call on 0808 252 2951. We'll be more than happy to supply you with as much information as we can to help you make an informed decision.