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Justrite Bench & Plunger Cans

Safety cans that are Justrite for your workplace

Flammable liquids are a necessary evil in a wide range of industrial settings. So correct, safe storage of your chemicals, solvents and other flammables is essential. Storing this type of flammable properly helps to reduce the risk of spills and consequently, fires.

Justrite plunger cans are a popular choice for the storage and dispensing of flammable liquids. Their clever design allows any unused liquid to flow back into the can, helping to avoid unwanted spillages. Safety cans are often made from metal finished in a red paint so that they're easy to spot. With polyethylene versions also an option.

Safety cans include what is known as a flame arrester. Flame arresters in Justrite cans are made from wire mesh. They're designed to let liquid flow but stop flames from spreading. If flames enter areas where combustible gases are present, they can ignite and explode.

This should obviously be avoided where possible!

Other common places to find a flame arrestor would be inside heaters, boilers, large tanks where fuels are stored and inside storage cabinets where paints are kept. It's important to make sure flame arresters aren't damaged. Even the tiniest ding or dent can prevent it from working properly, so it's wise to check for damage on a regular basis.

Why buy Justrite safety cans?

All Justrite cans are safety tested and safety approved. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Many are designed to sit on your workbench giving you easy access while you work. There are pedal bins for all your oily waste.

Leaving used rags and absorbents around your workshop can be an additional fire hazard. So pop any fuel-soaked debris into a Justrite oily wast can to be extra safe. It's recommended that oily waste cans are emptied every night.

Plunger cans are designed for clean dispensing of flammable liquids. A good example of a common use is to use the plunger can to moisten cloths with cleaning fluids. One simple push, or plunge, of the smart pump will dispense liquid onto you cloth, but with any excess heading safely straight back into the can.

Bench cans are another great addition to your workshop. If you're struggling with jammed parts and components, pop them into a bench can full of your favourite cleaning fluid and leave them to soak. Just like the plunger cans, bench cans can also be used to soak cleaning cloths and wipes.

Probably one of the trickiest, and potentially messy tasks is transferring flammable liquids from one vessel to another. This is where a safety cans come into their own. Metal cans come with pouring spouts and look a little like a traditional teapot. You can rest assured that these cans are safe for use with flammables thanks to the integral double wire mesh flame arrester.

The pouring spouts feature a self closing lid which is designed to seal vapours inside. The large metal handle helps you to tip and pour your liquid steadily without spillage. There's a wide range of sizes of metal safety cans to choose from so you'll surely find one to suit your needs. All you need to do is agree the amount of liquid you'll be storing and go from there.

All cans on offer at ESE Direct are Type 1 safety rated. That means that they have one opening. That opening is used for both filling and pouring. They also meet NFPA and OSHA requirements.

Type 2 safety cans have two openings. One for filling and one for pouring. In this instance, the fill opening acts as a vent while pouring.

Justrite Type 1 safety cans are FM, UL/ULC and TUV certified.

Flammable liquid dispenser bottles and funnels

Also within the Justrite range of safety cans are dispenser bottles. These are ideal if you have a less than steady hand. Simply operated by your finger, they provide controlled dispensing of your liquid. They come complete with a brass self-closing valve to keep any pesky vapours at bay.

Funnels will help you pour liquid into storage containers with small openings such as oil drums. Justrite funnels are made from heavy-duty 18 gauge galvanised steel with a tough powder coating. They also have a built in flame arrestor and self-closing fuse link lid.

So for safe dispensing and use of flammables around your workshop, you can trust Justrite.

For longer-term storage of large bottles of chemicals such as machine oil, or tins of paint a hazardous storage cabinet is best. Also known as COSHH cabinets, they're made from steel and have sumps in the bottom to collect any spills. The cupboards are designed to be locked, keeping your hazardous materials safe.

You'll more often than not find COSHH cabinets finished in yellow with a tough powder coat paint. Although they are also available in different colours, such as red, white or blue. You'll find there's a massive choice when it comes to COSHH.

For help and advice choosing a safety can our team of experts are always on hand. Give them a call on 0808 258 1740 and they'll be happy to assist. Visa mastercard maestro and Paypal are just some of the payment methods available. Contact us to see if you are elligible for a free credit account.