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Line Marking & Industrial Paint

Everything you need for effective line marking and stenciling

Using paint to create boundaries, mark out car parking spaces or to give directions is cost-effective and quick to achieve. Spray paint it also a great alternative appif no walls are nearby on which to mount signage.

Specialist line marking paint products are easy to apply, by hand or by using a specially designed applicator. High-quality paints such as these, are long-lasting and help you to achieve that professional finish.

Which paint does your project need?

For painting large floor areas, 5 litre tins of industrial concrete floor paint would be a great choice. Ensure your floor is clean and clear of dust and debris prior to application. Then simply apply using a roller or brush, which ever is your favourite painting tool.

If you're painting an area which is subject to heavy traffic, it would be wise to use an anti-corrosive floor primer paint. Apply this before you get busy with your industrial floor paint.

These floor paints will cover a large area and are a really effective way of getting yourself a smart new floor in no time. These paints are available in a large selection of colours. So you could be bold and really style up the home of your vehicles with some funky coloured garage floor paint.

There are even anti-slip additives available which you can simply stir into your floor paint. This will create a super-grippy surface beneath your feet. Great for locations outdoors or where liquids may spill, the anti-skid additive will help you to create a safer floor surface. 

When you want to paint a clean line we'd highly recommend using an applicator. A paint applicator with wheels will ensure you don't go off course. An applicator allows you to draw perfectly straight lines, ideal for marking out parking bays in a car park or no-waiting lines outside your property entrance. Not just that, you can even use them to help you to create smooth curves, just the job for marking out your football pitch or hockey court.

Applicators include a lever to activate the can’s spray nozzle, allowing you to control the flow of paint. Line marking spray is suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, but please note it's always best to check your paint can as some exceptions may apply, such as wooden floors, or grass.

Supplied as multi-pack floor paint you'll be sure not to run out mid-job. This range of line marking paint can be purchased in a wide choice of colours, there are even fluorescent spray paints for highly visible markings, even in dull environments.

Spray aerosol type products are generally quick drying but with industrial paints you'll need to ensure you leave several hours between coats and before anyone uses the floor. The last thing you want is a trail of footprints on your freshly painted floor.

Using spray paint along with industrial stencils is a really quick and easy way of adding numbers or letters to floor areas. Great for marking parking spaces at apartment blocks of designated bays in multi-storey carparks. There are pre-cut signs also available in stencil format so you can apply messages and imagery to your floors in no time.

If you're looking for a marking product which you can remove, perhaps you'd like to show where items are to be placed such as on a construction site or at a pop-up event venue, then there are temporary linemarker sprays available.

These can be removed quickly and simply using some soap and water along with a bit of elbow-grease. Or, you could wait for a rainy day, the environmentally friendly method for temporary paint removal. Rain will wash away temporary paint, but it may take a short while, or several showers to completely disappear.

There's no need to click & collect these floor paints and applicators as they're all available for delivery, which is free on all orders over £45 ex.VAT.

If you're looking for a less-permanent way of creating lines on your floors, you might like to check out line marking tapes and tape applicators, along with anti-slip flooring materials.