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Cabinets & Containers


Need to store anything from small parts, tools, equipment or hazardous / flammable liquids on your premises? Then look no further, our industrial cabinet ranges contain cabinets to suit your requirements and much more! From roller shutter cabinets and tool storage cabinets with built in drawers and louvre panels for workshops and maintenance areas, to small parts cabinets and flammable storage cabinets and chests for your stores, warehouse or factory areas we have just the solution to suit your budget.

Storage Containers & Bins

Our ranges of plastic storage containers & bins are perfect if you need to keep those small, loose items safe and many of them also stack, nest or can hang on wall panels. On top of this we have plastic ingredients trucks and storage bins on wheels for storing liquids, powders or even glass bottles etc. We also sell incredibly cost effective fibreboard collapsible containers or k-bins as they are often referred to, that are perfect for temporary storage of nuts bolts and fixings, although they are also used for long term storage of products as well. If you need heavy duty storage bins made of steel (with or without racks to put them on) make sure you check out our Galvanised Tote Pans which are available in several sizes with or without sloping fronts.

Storage Cupboards

Whether you are looking for cupboards to store paperwork, consumables or clothing / PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and stock products, we will have a solution for you in our huge range of industrial and commercial storage cupboards. At ESE Direct our cupboard ranges also include a range of computer workstations for use alongside production lines in factories, they are lockable and can have a protective cupboard over the monitor, making them ideal for use in industrial areas. If you need to store valuable items why not try our high security cupboards with extra locks and strengthened doors etc. Or if you have hundreds of different smaller items to store you could try our storage bin cabinets which have removable plastic containers in them (which also fit on louvre panels on walls).