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Bollards to create a protection barrier for your business

If you're looking to protect your premises from ram raiding, or simply to create a border around your perimeter investing in some bollards would be a brilliant choice.

One might describe a bollard as a short post, but unlike posts, which are more often uses for mounting signposts or lamps, bollards are generally used to create a barrier, to restrict access and to accentuate the edges of pathways and walkways.

You can create a permanent fixture with the use of these cylindrical columns, or if you're concerned that you may at some time wish to remove some, or one of them, then panic not, simply opt for a specially designed removable bollard.

You'll often spot stainless steel versions dotted around shopping centre entrances. They're visually pleasing yet prevent illegal parking. And sometimes you'll see them around pedestrian entrances to supermarket car parks to prevent shopping trolleys being taken off site.

Whatever the location, you can be sure a stainless steel bollard gives off an air of sophistication. They are sleek and blend well into almost any surrounding. One thing to bear in mind is, although stainless steel offers a streamline look, in bright sunlight they can be tricky to spot. So if you're planning to locate bollards somewhere with a lot of vehicular traffic, it may be worth considering a hi-vis yellow post, one donned with stripes or featuring a reflective band.

Which bollard?

With such an array of uses, you might be wondering which of these bollards to choose for the best?

There are two popular uses for these lovely little posts, for security or to prevent unwanted access.

If you're after something that offers heavy-duty security, such as anti ram raid columns, security bollards offer an ideal solution. Steel galvanised posts can be placed in front of buildings which require a high level of security such as banks and post offices, prisons and government properties.

These type of security posts are manufactured to absorb impact from vehicles attempting to ram raid a property. When properly installed below ground level, they provide a high quality deterrent you can rely on.

Retractable bollards work well as a semi-permanent solution for restricting vehicle access

Are you plagued by people parking on your land or driveway without permission? A gated entrance would of course solve this problem, but sometimes gates are not practical as they can be left open to blow in the wind or could swing out onto a pavement.

Gates can also be a costly investment. Especially if you opted for one of those fancy electronic gates with a video identity system. They really are the ultimate in driveway security!

So, bearing in mind many of us are unable to afford that luxury, one solution could well be a humble manually retractable bollard which would prevent intruders but give you the flexibility of being able to simply remove the post to allow yourself access.

Retractable bollards are ideal if regular access is required. There's no need to worry about lifting weight either as their hollow design means they remain strong yet lightweight. An outer sheath is sunken into the ground and the post slides into the sheath. A simple flap provides a barrier from the elements when the post is lowered. Locking keys secure the post in an upright position, offering the best in telescopic security.

Although we unfortunately don't stock automatic bollards here at ESE Direct, these are available as a top of the range retractable security solution.

If you're after bollards for use indoors, for example inside warehouses and distribution centres you might like to check out our wide range highly visible heavy-duty impact protection bollards. They're hugely effective for impact protection purposes and help by preventing damage to stock and fixtures that can be caused by passing machinery such as forklift trucks and delivery vehicles.

Flexible bollards are an option inside your warehouse if you're worried about damage to passing traffic from the post itself. Flexible posts have approximately a 25 degree impact recovery angle which means stock on forklift trucks or pallets is less likely to be damaged or dislodged. Of course, walls and racking the other side of the bollard are also protected.

With such a blistering array of bollards available at ESE Direct, you may be feeling baffled as to which one best suits. No problem, just give us a call on 0808 250 4781 and we'll have your bollard barriers direct to your door in no time.