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Waste Bins

Bins come in all shapes and sizes depending on requirements. And at ESE Direct, we have an enormous range of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Cigarette Bins

The very last thing you need for the general appearance of your premises is an area of ground littered with used cigarette butts and ash. Our cigarette bins are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, choose from a range of designs and styles for a bin to match what you are looking for.

Clinical Waste Bins

Our clinical waste bins come in a wide variety of sizes up to 1100 litres! We also supply smaller waste bins suitable for indoor use.

Outdoor Litter Bins

These universally recognizable litter bins provide a place for you to dispose of your litter rather than dropping it on the floor. Our litter bins are durable and weather resistant, there are also a number of sizes available, so there should be a bin for you!

Indoor Waste Bins

If you are after a well designed, smart office waste bin then you've come to the right place. Our range of office waste bins are again available in a number of sizes and selected bins have colour options.

Recycling Bins

The appeal of recycling has grown in recent years and has become an environmental issue for businesses. At ESE Direct we have the answer to your recycling needs. Our range of recycling bins are available in suitable sizes for both indoor and outdoor use. You can also find a selection of recycling bins to allow staff to further divide up their waste to be as environmentally friendly as possible!

Wheelie Bins

All our industrial wheelie bins are injection moulded from near-indestructible heavy duty polyethylene and come in a range of sizes and functions.