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Convex Security Mirrors

You know the saying, "you need eyes in the back of your head"? well, our selection of security mirrors can provide just that. There are indoor security mirrors for all-round visibility and security in your factory or on  your shop floor, or outdoor convex mirrors, ideal for navigating traffic in car parks or traffic mirrors with reflective edging, ideal for safety on blind bends.

Dummy CCTV Cameras

These cameras give the appearance of full functional CCTV cameras but they are really just the outer shell. Designed to look exactly like their real working counterparts these cameras provide the additional security that fake CCTV cameras provide at a fraction of the cost.

Security Safes & Deed Boxes

Keep valuable documents secure with our range of invictus safes designed to protect their contents. As a bonus, some of these security safes are also fire resistant.

Key Cabinets

If you have a lot of keys one of our key cabinets would be perfect. These lockable cabinets provide storage of up to 600 keys in one location, alternatively we also supply combination key safes designed for less keys.


From the simple and basic to the sophisticated and virtually indestructible, there is a padlock for every task. From your basic padlocks to the security locks you'll find them all here, just take a look and find the one for you.