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Parking Stops and Chocks

Quality parking stops and chocks ideal for parking management, protecting vehicles and property

Parking stops are regularly used to indicate to drivers where parking spaces end, they're a common sight in both public and private car parks. Choose from a range of styles, sizes and colours to suit your needs, they are manufactured using weatherproof moulded rubber for a long lasting solution. Fixing bolts are included and these stops are also resistant to oil and heat.

Also within this section are wheel chocks, every passenger car and van should carrier a pair of wheel chocks. Wheel chocks should always be used when jacking a car up in order to change a tyre and our rubber wheel chocks are more than suitable, available in two sizes, the smaller chocks can support the weight of vehicles weighing under 4 tonne (gross weight) while the larger chocks are perfect for use with heavy goods vehicles (10 tonne gross weight).