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Safety Signage

Fire Exit Signs

To comply with health and safety requirements all workplaces should have directional fire signs, fire exit signs and fire route signage. These rigid signs or self-adhesive signs are required to inform staff and visitors of the route they should take to the nearest fire exit in the event of an emergency (we also have the push bar to open signs and other fire door signage).

In the event of an emergency where visibility maybe impaired guiding employees and visitors to the nearest exit becomes even more difficult. Photoluminescent signs are designed for exactly these situations, they'll glow in the dark for upwards of 10 hours and are visible even in complete darkness. All of our photoluminescent signs are constructed from P.S.P.A Class B material and have been tested to BIN 67510 Part 1-4 for after glow performance.

Fire Extinguisher Signs

The locations of emergency fire fighting equipment and alarms should also be clearly identified. Our range of all call point, blanket, extinguisher and fire point or muster station signs comply with the current UK and EU legislation and come in either self-adhesive or rigid polypropylene sign form.

We're also able to offer a strong selection of photo-luminescent fire extinguisher signs. These unique glow in the dark safety signs are visible even in complete darkness, each sign charges using any light source, natural or artificial, when fully charged they'll glow for upwards of 10 hours.

First Aid Signs

In case of an accident or injury at work, the location of the designated first aiders, first aid kits and other first aid information need to be clearly identified, our clear white text and green background signs are available as either a rigid PVC sign or a self-adhesive sign.

Floor Safety Signs

If you are looking for some temporary signage our folding A frame signs and temporary floor signs are perfect for any situation. Choose from our standard clear bright yellow A frame folding signs with black text and clear warning and hazard symbols, our range of lightweight indoor warning signs, or choose the custom sign option and design your own a board sign.

Graphic Floor Markers

These aggressive self-adhesive floor graphics have a 430mm diameter with a bright background colour and are perfect for providing hazard, warning or reminder notifications on smooth warehouse or factory floors because our graphic floor marking signs are clear, easy to read and really durable. With standard safety equipment signs, hazard signs, information signs and many more to choose from there should be a suitable sign for you.

Hazard Labels

Our self adhesive diamond hazard warning signs and warning charts are available in several sizes. These durable hazard signs are most commonly used when storing or transporting hazardous goods, or even on the products themselves as they give clear warning of the particular hazard, including radioactive material, flammable gases & materials, infectious substances and most other industrial hazards.

Within our hazard labels section you'll also find a range of new GHS labels. These labels should be used on all packaging of potentially hazardous materials, with a red border, white background and black pictogram these GHS labels are the CLP approved labels which have replaced the old orange labels.

Mandatory Signs

Our mandatory signs use the classic white text and symbols with a blue background to ensure that each notification sign is easy to see and understand. With a choice of self-adhesive vinyl or rigid PVC signs, we have a good range of informational and regulation signs to choose from at very competitive prices!

Prohibition Signs

We stock a vast range of prohibition signs, energy signs and no entry signs at ESE Direct. Red and white signs in workplaces are widely recognised as prohibiting specific actions or entry, and all the no entry or prohibition signs in our range are clearly identifiable and meet the latest EU regulations. We also supply a range of energy saving signs that include water related signage and electrical appliance signage to remind people to turn lights off, save water or do other things to help reduce waste and save the environment (and reduce costs obviously).

Warning Signs

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure the safety and welfare of your staff and visitors, our range of self-adhesive and rigid PVC warning signs can help to identify known and potential hazards or areas of caution to ensure you comply with regulations. Our warning sign ranges include electrical voltage signs, trip hazard signs, caution signs, flammable warning signs, forklift signs and many more.

Charts, Guides & Safety Posters

These health and safety charts, guides and safety posters designed to clearly highlight risks and procedures in your workplace through the use of concise text and recognisable symbols, especially the potential hazards and issues relating to manual handling, storage of hazardous materials and many more H&S regulations.


ISO 7010 - A Guide To New Sign Symbols

You may notice a number of changes to our Safety Signs. The HSSA adopted the latest ISO EN 7010 symbols outlined in Amendments 1-6. These combine with some of the more familiar BS 5499 symbols to complete the HSSA assured range.

ISO EN 7010 has been devised to create consistent symbols, using new pictograms, which have been judgment tested across various EU countries to ensure the symbols are universally understood and recognised. The new symbols are based upon BS 5499, some have subtle differences and others are extremely different.

Your signs will be supplied to the latest specification, and therefore may look slightly different from the images.

Rigid polypropylene