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Scissor Lift Tables

We supply a comprehensive range of electric scissor tables in a number of different configurations. Take a look at our strong Single Scissor Lift Table, for example - ideal for a variety of purposes from machine feeding to palletising or simply for use as a loading bay, these tables come in a range of capacities from 1,000kg to 10,000kg. Featuring easy, push-button controls with an emergency stop, fail safe automatic pressure relief and hose failure safety valves, these scissor tables are ultra-safe as well as ultra-brawny.

We also supply several different profiles for scissor lifts, including a 2,000kg capacity low profile model which folds to a height of just 100mm, ‘U’ and ‘E’ shaped lift tops designed to lift two-way entry pallets from the pallet truck, and double scissor lifts in two designs. The double vertical scissor lift gives greater lift height without increasing the platform size, whilst the double horizontal scissor lift with its two synchronised scissors gives maximum stability for long, heavy loads. We also supply several scissor ramps for low-profile scissor lifts.

If you're looking for a portable lifting solution, take a look at our Scissor lift trolleys.