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Storage Containers & Bins

Food Bins & Trays

These food safe ingredients bins, trays and plastic containers are manufactured from food grade polyethylene in round, square or rectangular shapes and dozens of different sizes and capacities. Our food safe containers and trays provide the ideal option for separating or storing liquids, powders or other loose products and we even have food grade scoops to enable dispensing of your ingredients, along with dollies to make moving of the full or empty containers easier. Some are straight sided with recessed lips on the base to enable them to be stacked and others have sloping sides to enable them to be stacked more compactly when not in use.


Our polypropylene, fibreboard and cardboard corrugated storage bins (also referred to as K-Bins) are ideal for the storage of small parts like nuts and bolts, screws, washers, spares and consumables in your parts store room. There are dozens of size options designed specifically to fit on your stockroom shelving and they are fantastic value. We supply fibreboard  and plastic K Bins for use on shelving and racking, which just like the small parts bins are supplied flat packed for very compact storage when not in use and are very easy to assemble.

Metal Tote Pans & Racks

Our stackable galvanised steel tote pans are available with four full height steel sides or a half open front to allow access to the components being stored even when the tote pans are stacked on top of each other. If you have a lot of metal tote pan in use we also offer a range of horizontal and sloping tote pan racks and counters designed specifically to provide regular easy access to each tote pan and clear identification of the pan contents which is especially useful on busy production lines or assembly areas.

Perfo Tool Panels

Bott Perfo tool panels are perfect for use in engineer's workshops, factories and warehouses. They provide you with an orderly adjustable system of spigots and brackets to hang all shapes and sizes of tools safely, from hammers, pliers, screwdrivers and spanners to cables, wrenches and more. You can also then see when any of your tools are missing and if you are not sure what you need, why not start with one of the Perfo Panel Kits complete with an assortment of spigots to locate in the square holes on the panels. Or try our static tool panel racks for fixed storage in you workshop, or mobile Perfo trolleys designed to enable easy movement of all your tools to the location you need them rather than take them all in a bag and put them back when finished.

Plastic Stacking Containers

These containers are modular in design, usually 800 x 600mm, 600 x 400mm or 400 x 300mm to enable easy secure stacking of different sizes and nesting of multiple containers in some situations. Sometimes referred to as stacking Euro containers because of their modular Euro size they can be solid sides and base or ventilated (ideal for food transportation) and predominantly have open tops or attached lids which are used by most large distribution or archive storage companies (although some have loose lids available and 4 wheel dollies to make movement around your workplace easy). We also offer folding containers and crates which provide maximum space saving when not in use (especially useful for goods in transit) and bale arm containers that can stack on top of each other when full, or move the bale arm when not in use, and they will stack inside each other by around 70% to save space. Usually available in shades of grey but there are also red and blue ones available and some other colours if the quantity of plastic containers is enough.

Picking & Parts Containers

Don't confuse these open-front plastic storage containers with standard plastic storage containers. Whilst these plastic bins can be stacked on top of each other as long as they are the same footprint size, these are predominantly used on shelving or on wall mounted louvre panels (which can also be used to form van kits for maintenance and service vehicles etc). The plastic storage bins are ideal for small parts storage have a half drop front so you can see into them and pick from them easily. The larger bin sizes also have dividers available to sub divide the bin and there are also metal wire spigots to hang items of the louvre panels if you need.

Storage Bin Trolleys & Racks

Our single and double sided louvre panel trolleys and racks are the perfect choice if you want a mobile trolley or static rack on which to hang your small parts storage bins. If you are not sure how many bins fit on each side of the panel rack you could try our storage bin trolley and storage rack kits which complete with plastic bins, or you could always call our experienced and friendly team who are waiting to help you.

Storage Bin Louvre Panels

Sorted your plastic storage bins? Why not select the right louvre panels to fit on your wall, on racking or even in your van. Our two ranges of louvre panels are available will accept most small parts bins or containers but if you are not sure just give us a call and we will be only too pleased to help.

Tilt Storage Boxes

Sometimes referred to as clearboxes or practiboxes these convenient self-contained tilting storage boxes contain clear plastic bins that tilt forward and lift out if required in the main plastic carcass to allow items to be found and retrieved easily in the office, workshop or even in your van as they have screw holes located in the back of the unit and have optional retaining bars to prevent the clear tilt boxes from coming out while in transit. The tilting clear plastic boxes can also be lifted out of the main unit for easy filling or to take the contents closer to where you are working, and there are static racks and mobile trolleys available to stack a series of boxes on if required.