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Loading Bay Dock Bumpers & Buffers

Warehouse Buffers and Bumpers

These loading bay accessories such as our dock bumpers are very popular providing protection to loading docks and building from vehicles. Our dock bumpers are available in either nylon or rubber, both of which provide effective loading bay protection against damage from docking lorries. These are available in a range of sizes with dock fixings available.

Our aluminium dock plates and bridge plates enable easy access to for loading and unloading lorries. They are able to support heavy loads up to 1700kg. Dock plates and boards provide an efficient and cost effective method of loading and unloading vehicles from a loading dock using a truck. They require no disruption to the existing loading dock. Our dock plates have a bend point of 230mm from the end of the plate to comply with BS EN 1398:2009 which requires 100mm engagement onto the vehicle bed.