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Pallet Stackers

Pallet Lifters and Stackers

These manual and electric powered pallet stackers will allow you to move pallets with ease and keep warehouses neatly stocked. There are many height options available with the highest providing up to 3.3m of lifting power. The power lifted stackers are battery powered and provide easier lifting of up to 1000kg in weight. Manual lifters are cheaper in price and adequate for most uses as they are able to lift at least 125kg in weight.

Where can I use these stacker trucks?

Often found in warehouses, these trucks have high load capacities and are commonly used for loading and unloading pallatised stock. Able to lift loads up to the height of a curtain sided lorry, they can take the place of a lift truck and can lift pallets up in order to stack them.

What kinds of pallet lifters are available?

They tend to come in two varieties; either manual stackers or electric pallet stackers. As you would imagine, manual stackers are effectively hand pallet trucks that are operated with a winch or handle and have no powered elements. An electric or semi electric stacker is one which is the lifting motion is done by an electric motor, removing the need to have an operative need to change the lift height by hand.

Are they different to forklift trucks?

Yes, they are a far more cost effective solution to pallet moving and also an alternative to scissor lift tables. They do not have the same training needs as a forklift and are a common sights in workplaces that carryout significant material handling as part of their work.

What else do I need to know?

All our pallet lifters are high quality and high performance and an ideal solution if you need to high lift pallets either onto transport or to elevated pallet racking bays. There are options for differing fork lengths and a choice of fixed or adjustable forks. The main consideration will be whether you need manual or electric operation and what maximum load capacity is required.

Are there different lift capacities?

Pallet stackers are available in a wide range of capacities depending on the mass of the items you need to move. Heavy duty stackers will obviously move greater weights than standard ones. All types of manual handling can be undertaken with these pieces of equipment including order picking.