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Ingredient Bins

Food Grade Storage Bins and Plastic Ingredients Containers

These plastic food storage bins, trays, trucks, trolleys and containers are manufactured from food grade polyethylene. They’re food safe and are ideal for storing types of foods and ingredients in the bakery, confectionery shop, butchers and many more places. The food bins are used in food processing factories to store, mix and distribute food.

For static storage our tapered side round food grade bins come with a choice of colours. They can provide storage of anything from 20 to 210 litres of produce. Our range of mobile storage bins and trays - also available in multiple colours - can allow the contents to be easily moved when needed. Pick up a food grade scoop too to allow the contents of a bin to be transferred easily.

Food safe buckets are often found in food manufacturing businesses or large scale catering establishments. Used to hold large amounts of edible produce ready to be mixed together to make cakes, biscuits or other cooked goods.

Use mobile ingredient bins for situations where you need to transport an amount of edible matter from the storage source to where in the chain it is needed. Plastic buckets are useful for both liquids and dry food.

Ingredient dispensers are designed to sit on a table top and hold a range of ingredient ready for use. Made from food grade plastic they are often colour-coded to make identification easy.

Within food preparation areas ingredient trucks are essential for the transport and storage of a range of food. Food safe plastic is often paired with stainless steel machinery in order to make food factories hygienic.

If you require tamper evident food storage, please call us for more options.

You might also like to take a look at our range of food grade lubricants and applicators specifically designed and H1 certified for use in food production environments.