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Industrial Weighing Scales

Industrial weighing scales for your business

Whether you are in business in the packaging and packing industry or simply enjoy selling unwanted items on eBay a set of highly accurate industrial weighing scales are an invaluable tool.

We all know how irritating it can be standing in the long queue line at the post office. That's of course, once you've managed to find one of these fast disappearing postage facilities! So, whether you're a multi-million pound online selling business (mentioning no names, Amazon), or a one man band, a set of industrial scales will save you time and money.

Owning a set of highly accurate weighing scales can greatly reduce the risk of accidentally under-paying complicated postage costs. This is not only expensive for your business, but irritating for your customers. It can also make your business look unprofessional, so all in all something you really want to circumvent.

Choose Adam or Brecknell weighing scales for reliability, accuracy - and guarantees up to 5 years on Adam products

So, with such a plethora of platforms to choose from, how do you select which one will be best for you? Two main things to consider are, the weight of the items you generally work with and the physical shape and size.

Heavy duty weighing scales such as platform scales are available in a range of differing platform dimensions. So, we'd recommend that you select the platform size based on the largest of the products that you are likely to want to weigh. That way they'll also work wonderfully for your less bulky memorabilia. That'll save the need for doubling-up with a different set of scales a requisite for each job.

If your working environment is such that requires a high level of hygiene, stainless steel weighing scales will provide the ultimate solution. Stainless steel itself is not yet anti-bacterial, however its properties mean that it is hard wearing enough to withstand prolonged use. It's super-smooth surface means that bugs and bacteria are less likely to adhere to it that to other surfaces. Look out for IP68 waterproof scales for ultimate durability in washdown areas.

An additional aspect, to bear in mind when purchasing a set of industrial weighing scales is capacity. How heavy is your cargo? There are scales available which are able to handle some sizeable loads.

The Incredible Hulks of platform scales from ESE Direct can withstand a whopping 2500 kilogrammes. They also boast a rather monumental 1.2 metre squared infrastructure!

Adam Equipment's [PT platform scales] can handle weights of up to 3 tonnes - perfect for heavy-duty weighing including weighing palletised goods!

Industrial scales, not just for weighing

Industrial weighing scales are not only your appropriate go-to weighing machine. They have a multitude of other guises. You may have spotted counter-top scales in banks and post offices, they have the ability to count currency with a selection of currencies too. Oh, and if you're more 'old school' than down with the kids, you can alternate between metric and imperial settings.

If you're looking for an industrial weighing scale that can be used in numerous locations, a battery powered bench weighing scale may be just what you need. It is commonplace for heavier-duty industrial platform scales to remain set up in a permanent location.

A recognisable benefit of a floor-based scale is the ease at which items can be loaded and offloaded. When you need to weigh cargo of a considerable girth, it's imperative that this can be undertaken without undue stress and strain for the user. The floor scale is equipped with an anti-slip surface and even when confronted with gargantuan loads of up to 5000kg you can rest assured it will always rise to the occasion.

The weight measurement is calculated through the load cells transducers which are evenly distributed in each corner of the platform. And thanks to the levelling feet, you can even use it on floor surfaces that are uneven and be certain to retain an accurate reading.

Commission pallet scales for those significant heavy-duty loads

Also referred to as weighing beams, these long, skinny pallet scales really are the champion when it comes to weighing equipment. Not only are they portable, but thanks to their slimline nature, each beam can go furtively into awkward situations that larger pieces of equipment cannot penetrate.

All scales are available with a certificate of calibration if required. If your choice of scales is still weighing heavily on your mind, do give our technical sales consultants a call on 0808 163 3806 and they'll be more than happy to help you to iron out any confusions.