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Post Trolleys

Post or Mail Delivery Trolleys

Our post trolleys make the delivery and distribution of mail easier. They are designed especially for delivering letters and parcels with mesh compartment baskets suitable for holding enough weight for typical loads of mail. This range of trolleys includes a StairClimber Mail Trolley for easier movement up and down stairs with specially designed wheels for stairs. This trolley has two sets of three wheels designed for stair use (as well as two front castors), it also comes with two baskets as standard and a rear basket that can be added as an extra.

Alternatively, a cheaper solution is the GT Mail Delivery Trolleys, available in a 80kg capacity these trolleys allow mail or post to be easily transported in its organised form. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use this trolley has additional baskets (sold separately) for added efficiency.

There are many more trolleys and mail solutions in this section and our mail sorting units may also interest you.