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Racking Systems

Cantilever Racking

Our cantilever bar racks are used for the horizontal storage of metal pipes, lengths of wood and steel bars. We have a choice of either single or double sided arm racks. The arms have end stops so items can’t easily fall off. The freestanding racks have fixing points to fix them to the floor, providing added stability preventing the possibility of them falling over. The range of cantilever racking available includes light duty racking and heavy duty racking for a range of storage requirements.

Pallet Racking

For use in the warehouse for storing pallets and other goods our pallet racking is strong, secure and able to hold up to 5000kg per level. We have a large range of sizes available but do have others available on request. We have a range of decking shelves for our pallet racking that allows all levels or some levels to be used for non palletised goods. 

Protect your racking and personnel with our pallet racking accessories. We have a range of upright, column and frame protectors to protect racking and metal anti-collapse mesh guards to protect personnel from falling items. We also have coil cradles for the storage of coils on pallet racking, pallet support rails for storing pallet boxes and fork spacers to remove forks when loading pallet racking with non-palletised goods. Did you know racking should have regular safety inspections? Find out more.

Sheet & Board Racks

We supply both vertical and horizontal racks for the storage of boards and sheets. These are used to store materials in workshops such as sheets of wood and metal. Storing sheet materials in racking rather than loose on the floor or up against a wall is safer and allows sheets to be easily retrieved when required.

Vertical Racking

Store items vertically with our vertical racking products. These are great for storing aluminium tube, copper pipe and steel and plastic lengths. These racks are fully adjustable and can be fitted with many arms. These vertical racks are suitable for use for storage in warehouses and as display racking for retail.

If you're looking for some help with choosing your racking or after a full installation service, get in touch with the ESE Projects team.