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Chair Trolleys

Move and store chairs quickly and easily with one of the quality chair trolleys available from ESE Direct. If you're looking for conveninent storage of folding chairs, try the chair storage trolleys, they're just the job for neat compact storage in multi-use venues such as village halls and community centres. And for carrying stacks of chairs, there's a range of industrial chair trucks waiting to take the load.

Trolleys for chair storage on the move

At ESE Direct we have a trolley for all occasions. When it comes to moving awkward items like chairs, having the best supportive equipment available is really important.

Are you looking for a chair trolley for moving stackable chairs? Then we have a strong trolley suitable for doing just that. Stacking chairs are common in numerous venues. Village halls, school canteens, events venues and conference centres are common places you might find them.

If one of your daily duties is to set out chairs for assemblies, and then only to have to pop them all away again half an hour later, you'll know how time consuming and labour intensive this can be, especially if you're lacking the tools to make it easier!

So, this is where you need to consider which chair trolley would best suit your needs. The number one question to ask yourself is, what type of chair you are looking to carry. Is it a folding chair or a more traditional stacking chair?

Looking to handle stacking chairs? Then choose one of our wide range of stacking chair trolleys that are available for quick UK mainland delivery. A trolley with a deep footplate is good option for transporting chairs which have protruding back legs. The heavy-duty version of our stacking chair trolley has the advantage of additional arms, which help to lift and support heavier, more cumbersome chairs.

Folding chairs are a different kettle of fish when it comes to moving and storing them. They're a great space-saving alternative to a regular chair. Ideally suited to environments like school halls where there's the requirement to be able to store them away when not in use.

Our selection of folding chair trolleys come in two types. All are on wheels, which makes them nice and easy to manoeuvre. The chair hanging rack type trolleys are really easy to implement. The lightweight nature of the Series 2000 and Series 2600 polypropylene chairs means that they can easily be carried and hung onto the storage rack by adults and children.

The other type of folding chair trolley is one on which the folded chairs lay flat. The curved design of the chair back and seat means they neatly lay on top of each other, but without the risk of them sliding off.

The use of a storage strap to secure the equipment to the trolley when in motion, and when stored is highly recommended. This helps to avoid the possibility of the chairs falling from the trolley and causing injury if the trolley is accidentally knocked into or tipped over on bumpy surfaces, which is always a possibility in a busy school environment.

Folding trolley storage units , when used with the extra safety strap, can then be quickly and effectively loaded into a van. This means they are a great option for use at mobile events. Opt for the chairs without the padded seats if you plan to use them outside to avoid soggy bottoms.

Check out our collection of complimentary Series 2000 and 2600 folding chairs.