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Here at ESE Direct, we offer an extensive range of storage cabinets to meet a variety of different requirements for your business. Whether you require electrostatic dissipative cabinets for safeguarding small goods and components, or hazardous storage cabinets to keep your materials securely contained, explore our range in full to find the perfect cabinet for your needs. Alternatively, contact our product experts on 0808 258 2547 who can help you find the right solution for your business.

ESD Small Parts Cabinets

If you need Electro Static Dissipative cabinets and drawers to store small goods and components that are sensitive to static our ESD cabinets provide the perfect anti-static environment. Manufactured to BS EN 61340-5-1:2007 and available in 4 cabinet sizes each with different size pull-out plastic drawers.

Hazardous Storage Cabinets

One of our most popular product ranges for storing flammable or hazardous substances and liquids safely and securely. These steel hazardous storage cabinets are most commonly used in laboratories, stores, warehouses, paint shops, factories or construction sites to store flammable materials and we even have full fire rated versions. We also have plastic and metal hazardous cabinets and storage chest for the safe storage of hazardous substances such as chemicals like acid, alkali and pesticides.

Roller Shutter Cabinets

We supply Bott medium and heavy duty roller shutter cabinets / cupboards to provide a secure environment for you to store goods or tools and equipment of value. We also supply other British made quality heavy duty roller shutter door cupboards which are available in a range of colours with galvanised roller shutters and optional pull out drawers or plastic containers on back panels in case you need to store valuable items securely.

Small Parts Storage Cabinets

These small compartment boxes with pull out drawers are ideal for storing and arranging small components, spares and accessories. The small storage cabinets are available in a number of sizes but all of them have clear plastic drawers that can be removed from the cabinets if required. We also have spacemiser turntables which rotate and hold any mix of 12x550 series small parts cabinets to provide locations for up to 4,320 different components in an amazing compact storage space!

Steel Drawer Cabinets

Workshop cabinets with drawers are available in many different configurations, with different drawer heights / capacities and even with cupboards in the same unit carcass. We also have accessories like drawer dividers, inserts to subdivide the storage space and prevent your tools, machine parts or parts from mixing, inlays to prevent things slipping in the drawers and even worktops and rubber matting to help protect tools and delicate parts when placed on the top of the drawer cabinet.

Tool & Parts Storage Cabinets

Our excellent range of tool cabinets and tool storage units help to provide an organised clutter free environment in your workshop, engineers store or store room. We have the Bott workshop cupboard range with drawers, tool storage, louvre panels and containers, or the Durham range of more traditional steel modular storage cabinets with pigeonholes, pull out drawers, cupboards and plastic container storage for your tools, components and parts.