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Snow Shovels, Ploughs and Accessories

Your business needs to continue, whatever the weather may throw at us. Here we have a range of snow-busting products and accessories to help you carry on despite inclement climes.

Don't let wintry weather give you a frosty reception!

Cold weather, snow and ice can impact on business not only in terms of transportation, but can also cause a health and safety hazard on your premises. So to lessen the risk of people getting injured due to slips and falls on untreated surfaces, on car parks and pavements, make sure you're well stocked with equipment specifically designed for effective removal of snow and ice.

Snow ploughs and shovels to pave the way

To clear away snow prior to salting or gritting or for spreading rock salt from grit bins, you'll want a durable snow shovel that is not only hard-wearing but lightweight and easy to use.

Several types of snow shovel are available which have a steel blade, or blade edge, which allows for ice chipping. Great if your road surface is covered in hard ice or compacted snow.

Small sized shovels and folding options are ideal for compact storage in the boot of your car, think of it like keeping a gift card in your wallet, keep a spade in your boot at all times, just in case there's a sudden change in the weather.

Snow pushers are a bit like a cross between a snow shovel and a snow plough. Unlike the shovel which you use to pick up snow and place it elsewhere, out the way. Snow pushers generally have larger blades and are used, as the name suggests, to push snow out of the way, rather than pick it up, thus providing clear access across the overall length of your pathway.

There's even the clever hand snow plough which has an ingenious rotating roller that looks like a little like a corkscrew, sadly no wine is involved, but it will help to break up the snow and push it out to one side making light work of clearing almost any path or driveway.

All of our snow ploughs are offered with free delivery and If you're suffering from a deluge of a lot of snow, the kind of amount which would take a lot of time and a great deal of physical effort to remove manually, you will need something more heavy-duty. In that case you may like to take a look at our snow plough forklift attachment, the Mac Daddy of snow removal equipment.

Winter driving solutions

In an ideal world all roads and pavements would be treated with road salt and grit. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of roads and unexpected deluges of wintry weather this is simply impossible.

But of course, we still need to get out and about. Traction control on your vehicle will of course be helpful but for older vehicles with less-effective systems, or if you don't have access to a separate set of winter tyres or snow chains, snow socks are a fabulous cost-effective alternative.

So, just as we reach for snow boots, woolly hats and gloves, it's time to treat your vehicle to the ultimate snow wear and winter fashion for vehicles. Snow socks, fit snugly over car wheels, no not to keep them warm, but to increase traction in slippery conditions. Car snow socks are suitable for use on two wheel an four wheel drive vehicles.

Don't let the snow stop you in your tracks, choose a set of vehicle tracks perfect for vehicle snow traction

If you need to leave your vehicle overnight, or even for a couple of hours, several inches of snow may fall in that time leaving your car somewhat buried. It will clear the snow from your windows but your standard ice scraper simply won't cut the mustard when digging your car out of a sticky situation.

It can prove difficult to move from a standing start in slippery conditions. Spinning wheels will often end up burying your car deeper into snow. So to keep on the move, place a track beneath your front wheel, if you car if front wheel drive, and the slatted track will increase traction and provide grip between your wheel and the snow or ice.