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4 Examples of Cones

A common sight across the country we take a look at the 4 most common examples of cones and how they are used.

Highwayman Cones

Traffic Cones

These Highwayman cones are probably the most common cones you will see, usually found around city and town centres or roads when construction work is underway.

They come in varying sizes from knee high to a size that rivals Wizbit! (For those of you who actually remember it).

The smaller cones are used more for car parks similar to the No Waiting Cones and the medium and larger cones are used on dual carriageways and motorways so they are seen earlier when people are travelling at higher speeds than normal.

No Waiting Cones

No waiting cone

No waiting cones are ideal for businesses that have premises along a road or pavement area, especially if parked cars can cause blocked access or put off customers.

They can also be used for reserving parking spaces in business car parks as well as special events where parking can sometimes become an issue.

You can tell it’s a no waiting cone by its distinctive shape and colour, designed to stand out and withstand harsh environments and weather.

Lightweight Cones

Lightweight Traffic Cones

These lightweight cones are primarily used for leisure or sports activities; you will usually find schools using these for marking or warning of a spillage or wet floor.

They are extremely lightweight can come in an array of colours.

There have been some alternative uses for these cones, and we have seen plenty used for various art projects along the way.

Reflective Barrier and Cone

Reflective Barriers and Cones

OK so I may be cheating a bit when I call this a type of cone, however the reflective barrier plank and cone system uses cones which are very much like the highwaymen cones and you can create safety barriers with them.

This kind of versatility is why the reflective barrier set is so popular.

The cones come with slots at the bottom of the base so you can easily slide in the barriers for the top of the cone you have the 3-way adaptor.

Great if you need to warn people of a an open man hole or small construction area which is commonplace in city and town centres up and down the country. So whatever your need, traffic cones are a versatile and cost effective solution.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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