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4 Uses for your Salt Spreader

Looking to invest in a salt spreader but want to get your money’s worth? Read on and see what other jobs you can use the salt spreader for.

Salt spreader can be used for....Salt

Rock Salt

Well, obviously the first use for a salt spreader would be to spread salt.

Usually seen as Autumn starts and along with scarves, wool coats and umbrellas making an appearance so does ground frost which can cause havoc during the rush hour traffic if it’s not properly prevented with the aid of a salt spreader dutifully heading out on the roads late in the evening.

Salt spreader can be used for....Fertiliser or Seed Spreader


If you have a salt spreader you can convert it into a fertiliser or seed spreader, this is especially helpful for the warmer months and cost-effective too.

We found a step by step guide on how to convert your salt spreader into a seed and fertiliser spreader to help you on your way. View it here: http://www.doityourself.com/stry/convert-a-salt-spreader-into-a-fertilizer-spreader

salt spreader can be used for....feeding chickens


Working in much the same way as it would for a seed spreader, you can utilise the salt spreader in the spring and summer months as a chicken feeder, giving an even spread of feed for your lucky chickens to peck at.

salt spreader can be used for....spreading joy!


Some fun alternatives we came up with were:

- Glitter spreader

We thought this would be good for parties or festivals.

Or perhaps tell the littler ones it's fairy dust!

- Hundreds and thousands spreader

For large scale cake decorating! You could also use chocolate sprinkles.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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