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7 Uses for Rubber Matting

There is a whole range of different rubber matting to suit your needs, but we take a look at the 10 most popular uses for it.

Rubber Matting for Stable Flooring

Rubber mat used as flooring in a horse stables

One of the most popular uses of rubber matting is to cover stable floors.

The rubber matting primarily offers insulation from the cold concrete floor that can cause discomfort to the horses even with a thick layer of bedding, as well as providing cushioning to the horses joints (think anti-fatigue matting for horses).

Rubber matting for stables also gives a great anti-slip surface which makes it easier for when horses are getting up, and reduces the risk of casting.

Rubber Matting for Lining Tool Draws/Van floors

use rubber matting to create a non-slip flooring in vehicles

If you are in a workshop or a tradesperson on the road it is important to store your tools safely and without fear of them rolling about and getting damaged.

A quick and easy way to do this is by lining your workbench drawers or van floor/shelves with rubber matting. Not only does it offer an anti-slip surface but the cushioning the rubber matting offers will increase the longevity of your tools.

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti fatigue mat

Anti-fatigue matting is used mainly in factories where workers are on their feet all day.

Anti-fatigue matting works by allowing your muscles to subtly contract and expand as they adjust the flexibility of the mat, this means that the heart doesn’t have to pump blood through constricted and tense areas of the legs.

Increased blood flow means there is more oxygen reaching the heart which greatly reduces fatigue. This means anti-fatigue can actually save you money in the long by reducing the amount of work related injuries caused by Cumulative Standing Trauma.

Rubber Matting for Boat Decks

rubber mat used as flooring on a boat deck

A number of people actually use rubber matting on their boat decks.

Decks can become very slippery when working or carry out other activities on boats (such as sipping some bubbly along the Norfolk Broads), the rubber matting gives an anti-slip surface whilst the water filters away and offers easier cleaning.

There are a few different types of rubber matting which can be used so it is all about personal preference.

Rubber Matting for Gym Floors

gym flooring

One of the most common places you will find rubber matting is the gym!

The rubber matting you find here will be anti-slip and anti-fatigue which adds comfort and safety to exercise areas particularly weightlifting and any areas where exercise machines are present.

Some gyms have matting just for these specific areas; however some take the opportunity to cover the whole floor with rubber matting to reduce any slips that could occur going between the different areas. Some other uses for closer to home…

Rubber Matting for Slipper Soles

Rubber used for shoe soles

For those of you who can’t bear to part with those uber comfy slippers you’ve had for years, there is a way to breathe new life into them!

Simply trace around your slipper and cut out of the rubber matting, you can then sew onto the bottom of your slippers.

You can also use this trick to add to the bottom of some cosy socks or footed onesies to stop your feet getting wet if you head outside.

Rubber Matting for Flower Pot Stands

Rubber matting used for gardening

If you are a keen gardener you may want to invest in some rubber matting to utilise as a flower pot stand.

Not only will it stop your pot or patio getting scratched but by allowing air and water to flow through freely it will greatly reduce the risk of mildew or stains building up.

Similar to how you create the slipper sole, but you can be as imaginative as you want with the shape you cut out.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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