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A Dance Floor on a Platform Truck

Who has a dance floor on a platform truck you may ask? One of our customers tells all.

We were intrigued when we spotted a curious order from a mobile dance floor company, so we got in touch and found out a bit more.

Here's what Vince said about his new platform truck and how he uses it to transport his spectacular LED dance floor...

"I used the trolley for the first time last Friday for a dance floor booking at Brunel University. I have adapted the trolley to take my dance floor in a length wise, upright position. Previously the barrow style trolley I had meant I could only trolley the floor in a sideways position.

The problem I had at this event the last time I provided the dance floor, was that there was a pinch-point in the entrance corridor and I could not get the one metre wide panels through the 800mm wide door so I had to carry them through one at a time which was slow as well as heavy work.

My old trolley only took three panels at a time so for thirty panels it was ten trips. As you can see from my photos I can get five panels on the new trolley and so I have cut the time down to only six trips, and the doorway is no longer a problem.

All in all I am delighted with the new trolley, it has saved me a huge amount of time and effort getting in and out, and as the party finished at 04:00 AM, I was back home in bed about an hour earlier than last time!"

LED dance floor being transported on platform truck, fits easily through narrow doorway

LED dance floor partiallly installed, looking swish already

If you fancy strutting your stuff on a funky LED dance floor, you can contact Vince via his website www.steplight.co.uk.

Photograph of Debs

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