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A week with Health and Safety Bear

June 15th - 19th 2015 marks Health and Safety Week, we've been very lucky to have a visitor to our workshop this week, Health and Safety Bear.

He's been hugely busy supervising and participating in all manner of tasks in the warehouse, here's a quick run-down:


Health and Safety Bear made himself comfortable and got kitted up in his health and safety clothing. He was just a little bit too short to push the sack barrow. Bless.

Health and Safety Bear - he'll be able to reach some day


A day spent mainly observing our boys, Darren and Martin building benches and getting orders out. To prove it’s not all work and no rest we ensured he made time for a tea break.

Health and Safety Bear - tea time


Our furry friend gets on with a spot of drilling, he’s really rather accurate considering his large paws. As he did so well, he treated himself to an after work game of darts, you can’t beat a bit of bully!

A game of darts with Health and Safety Bear


It’s certainly time for some circular sawing! The safety step ladders come in very handy when you’re only 2 feet tall!

Health and Safety Bear taking on the circular saw


Final day for health and safety bear, task one and he’s onto the rubber matting, methodically cutting it to size.

Health and Safety Bear carefully cutting the rubber matting

He climbs upstairs onto the mezzanine, it’s a long way up those stairs for a small bear.

Health and Safety Bear climbs the stairs

As a reward for his hard work this week, we allowed him a trip to a local friendly pub, The Fat Cat.

Health and Safety Bear enjoys a beer at The Fat Cat Pub in Norwich

The remainder of the afternoon was spent testing out the forklift truck.

Health and Safety Bear drives the forklift

It's been a pleasure to have Health and Safety Bear with us and we can't wait for him to show us lot's more of his skills soon.

Photograph of Debs

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