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Benefits of PVC Flooring & How to Keep it Clean Around a Swimming Pool

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) flooring is a popular choice for many, not only because of the wide choice of colours, patterns and styles but also because it is highly durable, strong, easy to install and maintain, long-lasting and 100% water resistant.

It is for these reasons, as well as its versatility that PVC flooring or matting is used around swimming pools and in changing rooms. PVC flooring for swimming pools, and other areas where safety in wet conditions is important such as wet rooms, bathrooms, saunas, steam rooms and changing rooms, is often manufactured with embossed or ribbed features to ensure people are safe walking on the surface with wet, bare feet

PVC matting around a swimming pool

What is PVC matting?

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a thermoplastic (fully synthetic) material that can either be flexible or rigid. You might have wondered, should you use natural rubber matting as an alternative to PVC around a swimming pool? The short answer - no. Although natural rubber flooring comes with a huge selection of benefits, it isn't designed for use around swimming pools as it is not resistant to chemicals such as chlorine.

Any area with wet floors can be potentially dangerous, whether people are bare-footed or wearing soft-soled shoes. PVC matting for swimming pools is designed specifically for these areas. Not only is it durable and long-lasting and easy to install, but it is also hygienic, easy to keep clean and keeps people safe when walking in the area.

Putting PVC matting down around the edge of swimming pools or hot tubs or on floors in changing rooms, saunas, wet rooms, or steam rooms provides a non-slip solution to wet floors.

The holes in PVC anti-slip swimming pool matting are crucial to allow the water to fall through the mat and drain away rather than become standing water. At ESE Direct, not only do we supply PVC matting on rolls and as large mats that you can cut to size, but we also have PVC mats that interlock to create a large mat.

Spaghetti PVC matting is also designed for wet areas and is also free draining, but vinyl loops that wiggle through each other offer a higher level of comfort underfoot. It also drains away the water in several directions, preventing a build-up of standing water and therefore providing an ultra-safe flooring to walk on.

Benefits of PVC Matting

There are a number of excellent benefits to using PVC matting around swimming pools and in other wet areas, including:

  • Hard wearing - the durability of PVC makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can last for more than 20 years with the right care. The criss-cross grid structure of the matting and the drainage holes, which allow water to flow through and drain away, provide additional strength.
  • Durable - it is resistant to water, moisture, chemicals, weathering (although it may fade a little over a long period of time when in direct sunlight on a continuous basis), abrasion and shock. However, heavy, sharp objects dropped on the PVC matting may cause some minor damage.
  • Lightweight - because it is lightweight, PVC matting can be moved to wherever it is needed or lifted and cleaned underneath as well as brushing away any excess water.
  • Versatile - PVC matting is available in a range of sizes, colours and styles. This makes it ideal if you need to outline certain safety zones or walkways, such as in changing rooms or spa environments.
  • Safety features - anti-slip PVC matting is ridged or embossed with dots or a checker plate pattern to ensure maximum safety for people walking on the mats. Because of the holes and channels in the matting, water is drained away and doesn’t sit on the mat. PVC matting also has a high chlorine content which has self-extinguishing properties and therefore boosts its fire resistance.
  • Comfortable to walk on - because PVC matting is flexible and soft, with the drainage holes adding more flexibility, it is comfortable to walk on with bare feet. For extra comfort, opt for spaghetti PVC matting. In addition, anti-fatigue matting, which is able to withstand long-term, heavy footfall, has extra cushioning.
  • Easy to install - because it comes in easy-to-use rolls or sheets, which can be cut to size, or interlocking tiles, installing PVC matting around a swimming pool or in another wet area is easy to do.
  • Easy to clean and maintain - it is stain resistant, so spills are easy to clean up. You don't need any chemicals or acidic products to keep PVC matting in good condition. Its long-lasting, durable properties also mean that there isn't a need to replace it too soon, making it extremely cost-effective.
  • Easy draining - the holes in PVC matting allow water to flow through and drain away. Therefore, water does not collect on the matting and keeps them safe to walk on.
  • Recyclable - although it is man-made plastic, today, PVC is fully recyclable. However, you may need to contact a specialist recycling centre.

PVC flooring around a swimming pool

How to clean PVC matting

The easiest way to clean PVC matting and keep it in good condition is to use a brush or mop and a detergent to wash off any dirt, dust and other debris. Alternatively, use a pressure washer with a detergent. It’s important to ensure that no dirt collects in the holes or channels of the mat to ensure 100% cleanliness, particularly if the mats are being used in a public environment.

It's always a good idea to regularly lift the PVC mats and brush away excess water that may well be sitting underneath. As well as the water that falls through the holes, excess dust and dirt also falls through and will sit in the water that hasn't completely drained away below the mats. If you can, allow the mats to dry out before replacing them back on the floor.

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