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BS-8599 Standard for First Aid Kit Contents

BS-8599 compliant first aid kit

An new British Standard is being introduced for first aid kits. This has been introduced to update the contents of statuary first aid kits. Details of changed items in first aid kits:

  • Tougher cutting scissors for cutting through clothing
  • Greater quantity of plasters
  • Greater quantity of disposable gloves (must be Nitrile)
  • Greater quantity of sterile wipes (which have European CE safety marking)
  • Less triangular bandages (these are no longer recommended for immobilizing limbs)
  • Finger dressings to be included
  • Burns gel dressings to be included to treat burns
  • Microporous tape to be included as a safer alternative to safety pins
  • Heat retaining foil blankets to be included
  • One-way valve face shields to be included for safety when giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • Eye wash to be included
  • First aid guidance leaflet

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