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Bund keeps sunflower oil at bay at Shire Foods

Our happy customer, Shire Foods tell us just how pleased they are with their new Recycled IBC bund containment sump.

Based in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, Shire Foods have been making quality British pies, pasties and sausage rolls for over fifty years. And we spoke to Dean who explained how useful they are finding their new 1150 litre IBC (that's an Intermediate Bulk Container, if you were wondering) containment sump.

IBC full of sunflower oil placed on bund containment sump

Dean told us, "We are using this bund in our mixing room, as you can see it is sunflower oil that we are using in this one, but we use the same IBC's with wine [now that's my kind of wine decanter!] and cream in the same way."

"Not only is it there from a spillage/safety point of view, but it is a much better working height for the operatives when decanting the contents into measured containers."

"Using the bund has stopped the contents dripping on the floor, as it has the extended drip lip, which is brilliant as it is now not a slip hazard area."

We love to see our products in use and it's great to know what an improvement they have made to the food production process.

You can check out Shire Foods' website for more information about their famous pies, pasties and sausage rolls! Om nom nom.

Photograph of Debs

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