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Cold-room Shelving

The food industry has grown over the last few decades, and with that so has the importance of food hygiene. One of the most important aspects of maintaining high levels of hygiene is down to how food is stored.

A lot of hotels, restaurants, kitchens etc. have cold rooms; these are a reasonably large insulated enclosure which is fitted with refrigeration equipment. The room itself is maintained at a 0°c temperature.

Due to the specialised nature of these rooms, it’s important to have the right equipment which can withstand and is designed to cope with such cold and sometimes damp environments.

This is why ESE Direct have two shelving ranges; which are designed to be used in cold rooms.

Airdeck Nylon Wire Shelving

This industrial shelving system is antibacterial and features a nylon-coated finish. This helps protect against rust and corrosion and even comes with a 3 year guarantee.

The shelving units can withstand temperatures ranging between -40°c and +110°c making these incredibly versatile.

The airdeck grid shelves promote airflow and the open access corners give increased space efficiency.

The shelving is easy to clean and can take a maximum loading 100KG UDL.

It’s incredibly easy to fit and assemble as well, making this a popular choice with our customers.

The shelving can be extended using extensions bays, but you must have a starter bay first. Because the starter bay is freestanding, the extension bays will need to be joined to another bay in order for it to be stable.

Polypropylene Shelving

This shelving range is incredibly versatile. Not only is it hygienic due to its antibacterial coating, making it ideal for cold rooms and kitchen, but it is also rustproof, so can be used in damp and wet areas too. An added benefit is that this shelving is anti-static, so if you also need storage for your computer rooms this is the range for you.

The shelves are easy to clean and because the shelving is weldless, it prevents the build-up of liquid and dirt which can be a prime breeding ground for bacteria

Assembly of these units couldn’t be simpler, as you do not need nuts or bolts; it features a steel core for extra strength and has 150kg UDL per shelf and 600kf UDL per unit.

Dependent on the size of your cold room, this shelving system has the ability to be extended with extension bays and corner bays. The extension bays are 45mm narrower than the starter bays (required) and the corner bays are 25mm narrower than the starter bays.

If you have questions about any of our shelving for cold-room or otherwise then please feel free to give our friendly and award winning customer service team a cool and they will be happy to answer any queries you may have. You can reach them on 0808 163 3704 or use our LiveChat! here on the ESE Direct website.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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