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Construction Couture

Whilst we were reading up on what happened at the Grammy’s a few weeks back, one of the dresses caught our eye, Joy Villa was wearing a rather fetching bright orange temporary fencing dress, which got us thinking..

Here at ESE Direct we sell this common and often overlooked product, and we thought, if Joy Villa can do it, so can we! And so armed with some temporary fencing, our fashion stylist aka Gemma from Sales and Martin to document it all, we set about creating our very own red carpet dress.

Let’s get started…

The first thing you need is of course temporary barrier fencing, or snow fencing as its also called, and some inspiration

Construction couture step 1

You will also need a glue gun, some cable ties/tie wraps and of course a willing model (which turned out to be me).

Construction couture step 2

You will need to cut a hole for the neck, make sure it’s not too big or it will drop right off (we discovered this the hard way).

Construction couture step 3

Once you are happy with how it fits round the neck you can start on the sleeves (or you have it sleeveless, it’s entirely up to you)

Construction couture step 4

Once you are happy with how the sleeves look, its time to secure them in place, you can use cable ties or staples, but we decided on glue gunning them.

Construction couture step 5

Then it was time to wrap the main bit of the skirt round.

Construction couture step 6

Once the main skirt was secured we took a long piece of fencing and halved it and folded to create a ruffle effect which we then attached just below the hips, we used cable ties to attach this in place.

Construction couture step 7

Once this was done, we just used a spare bit of fencing to create a headpiece which was then tied to the bun in the hair.

Add in a few filters on Camera+ and you have the finished result!

Construction couture complete

It appears that Joy Villa herself loved our creation too! thanks for the inspiration Joy!

Tweet from Joy Villa

Photograph of Laura Holland

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Social Media and Web Content Coordinator, Jan 2014 - May 2015